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Smart lighting control software and network management for increased energy efficiency (TOEE20161214002)


Technology collaboration OFFER
Created: 14/12/2016
Last updated: 28/12/2016
Fecha límite: 28/12/2017


An Estonian SME is offering a wireless mesh network software and management services for IoT (Internet of Things) networks. The mesh networking software enables connecting a very large number of IoT devices with each other and to the internet. The prototype has been tested with smart lightning applications reaching performance levels unreachable with current available networking technologies. The company is seeking for industry partners for a licensing agreement or a commercial agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • License agreement Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Descripción completa

An Estonian SME has developed a wireless mesh networking software, which is based on a mature networking technology. The patented and field-proven technology enables a reliable connection for a very large number of IoT devices with each other and to the internet for cloud-based applications. Its unique capabilities enable running applications within the IoT networks, reducing the burden of IoT on the Internet and providing secure, faster responding applications.

The primary target application for the technology is the smart lighting vertical. However the established lighting networks can later be also used as a backbone for networking other building automation applications. The proliferation of smart lighting is supported by the replacement of existing luminaires by LED luminaires – smart lighting can be installed as part of the LED upgrade project with minimal cost.

The technology has already been proven in pilot projects. The prototype version has achieved significantly higher performance levels in smart lighting applications than current commercially available networking technologies.

The SME is looking for industry partners to license the technology or offer a commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to implement the technology in existing products.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: Industry, SME-s
Activity: Industry partners are sought with a focus in the lighting or building automation industry.
Role: Applying the developed technology in IoT devices.

Advantages & innovations:

The networking technology is optimized for low bandwidth radio protocols where it enables higher reliability and superior data throughput when compared to competing protocols. The offered technology has clear advantages over alternative solutions:
• Delivers 3 times throughput at 1/3 power consumption with 6 times higher reliability than the leading current networking solutions;
• There is no configuration requirement – an electrician (with no specialized knowledge) simply installs the sensors and actuators that contain the networking technology, after which the network is self-formed and the application starts executing;
• Deployment and maintenance of the networks is very simple, resulting in up to 75% cost reductions compared to Zigbee-based solutions;
• Enables the possibility of re-using network devices (sensors/actuators) in multiple applications (without the need for complex reconfiguration) further reducing overall solution costs and dramatically improving the return on investment by simultaneously re-using it for multiple applications;
• Networks are more scalable than competing solutions. It enables more than 200 devices per internet gateway, whereas competing solutions are able to support 25 devices per coordinator or gateway.

Development Stage:

Field tested/evaluated - The lighting solution has been field deployed in installations in Estonia and in the United States.


Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted - Technology is protected by two granted patents, with further nine in preparation phase.

Clasificado como: Telecommunications

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