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Innovative washing system based on a detergent with reusable magnetic nanoparticles. (TOEE20161214001)


Technology collaboration OFFER
Created: 14/12/2016
Last updated: 28/12/2016
Fecha límite: 28/12/2017


An Estonian nanotech SME and a university spin-off has developed a new concept for doing laundry. The system is based on recovering and reusing the active ingredients in laundry detergent. The main advantage of the technology is the unprecedented eco-friendliness. The system does not use any hazardous detergent chemicals and enables to lower the washing temperature. The SME is searching for partners for a commercial agreement or for further development under technical cooperation agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance Technical cooperation agreement

Descripción completa

The Estonian SME was founded in 2014 with a focus on commercialization of proprietary nanotechnology through implementing magnetic nanoparticle synthesis in various industries. Its first product is targeted towards the home appliance industry with a specific focus on laundry detergents.
Until now, the use of magnetic nanoparticles has been limited to highly specific areas such as pharmaceuticals due their high cost. With an effective synthesis protocol, the company has been able to lower that cost significantly. This has allowed to develop a novel washing system that combines active ingredients of a laundry detergent or enzymes with magnetic nanoparticles.
The development work has resulted in a novel washing system that is able to replace regular laundry detergents. The working principles of the washing system is as follows:
1. A regular washing machine is equipped with a nanoparticle collector/re-distributor.
2. A washing detergent cassette, consisting of enzymes combined with magnetic nanoparticles, is inserted into the washing machine.
3. After the wash cycle, the magnetic detergent molecules will be removed from waste water via the nanoparticle collector and reused in subsequent wash cycles for months.
The SME is looking for industrial partners for a commercial agreement where the proposed technology can be easily integrated with existing washing machine production lines, generating significant added value for the manufacturer. Continuous development with academic or scientific partners in order to improve the detergent agent substance or particle recollection under a technical cooperation agreement is also sought.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: In case of commercial agreement:
Partners from industry are sought with a background in home appliance machines development and manufacturing. The technology is going to be offered mainly to the washing machine manufacturers.
Role: involvement in the partnership would be the integration of the proposed technology into existing or future product lines.

In case of a technical cooperation agreement:
Partners form industry or academia. Task to be performed by the partners is jointly developing and improving detergent agent substance and/or magnetic particles recollection solution.

Advantages & innovations:

The Estonian SME is the first company to develop a washing system based on a reusable and environmentally harmless detergent. The detergent binds magnetic nanoparticles to enzyme molecules and magnetizes them. The resulting magnetic detergent molecules can be easily removed from waste water via magnetic force and reused in subsequent wash up to one year.
Currently, enzymes are used in various detergents as just one ingredient of the formula. The proposed technology offers innovative immobilization of enzymes to a solid particle, which significantly increases their stability and activity. Thereby enabling the collection of enzymes and allowing to reuse them in hundreds of wash cycles.
• Low temperature washing without any drawbacks in cleaning effectiveness. By utilizing purely enzyme based cleaning system, washing temperatures could be easily lowered to 30° or less.
• Eliminates serious health risks and hazards associated with current detergent chemicals.
• Higher user convenience. The laundry agent is constantly held inside the washing machine, the re-usable laundry agent cassettes need to be changed only approximately once per year in case of an average household.
• Savings in detergent cost. Average household spends 300€ annually on detergents. Estimated annual savings for the average households are at least 50%.
• Reduced environmental footprint of the laundry process. Presently, harmful and toxic substances are still largely used for cleaning our clothes (e.g. surfactants, optical brighteners, phosphates). Developed system reduces the use of chemical detergents and lowers the need for wastewater purification.

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration


Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

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