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A leading Israeli company in the fields of renewable energy (solar farms), natural gas, supply of merchant bars and safety barriers is looking for various types of cooperation (BRIL20180929001)


Business partnering opportunity REQUEST
Created: 11/10/2018
Last updated: 16/11/2018
Fecha límite: 17/11/2019


An Israeli professional construction company specializes in renewable energy and other fields is looking for partners. Financial groups, technology companies in the field, right-owners to perform photovoltaic projects in the world, construction suppliers are sought. Advantages include wide experience; work with government agencies, performing integrator functions, market & distribution knowledge. Looking for financial, services, subcontracting, commercial agency agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Financial agreement Subcontracting Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company was founded in 2009 and became one of Israeli leading companies in the fields of solar energy, natural gas, supply of merchant bars and safety barriers. The company provides several types of services / products:
• Establishment of solar farms and renewable energy projects.
• Supply, installation and maintenance of railings and road safety systems.
• Exporting and marketing all types of iron products (including iron from designated profiles).
The company has a special expertise in construction of solar energy farms, implemented a wide range of large scale projects in Israel, many of them with innovative solar installations. They have a special division for renewable energy, installation of photovoltaic solar farms, including thermo-solar power plants over Israel. They are one of Israel’s biggest companies in the field and provide reliable, highly professional services to all infrastructure developers in the country and abroad. The company uses mainly photovoltaic or photoelectric method, a basis of most solar farms in Israel and worldwide. The company cares of exceptional accuracy required in the renewable energy field. They employ engineers, quality controllers, work supervisors, certified safety controllers and top development personnel to provide the best optimal, tailor made solutions for each client.
The company also designs, manufactures, assembles and installs road safety barriers, guardrails and safety equipment in many configurations. It is a certified contractor for the National Transport Infrastructure Company. Highly skilled teams install safety barriers, guardrails and impact absorbers. The company provides comprehensive engineering solutions for contractors and executes complex projects by the highest standards. The company clients include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, regional councils and municipalities, the Israeli Electric Corporation, etc. In the field of safety barriers and electrical fences, the company is a key player, e.g., they manufactured and installed the security fence along the Israeli-Egyptian border.
Besides, they are an official importer of various types and grades of steel. Their quality controllers, work supervisors, and top R&D personnel ensure high quality customizing solutions. The company markets hollow section, H and U profiles, merchant bars, pipes, plates and other steel products. Merchant bars are used in heavy construction, prefabricated structures, earthquake reinforcement, construction and roadwork site fencing, metalwork shops, gates, outdoor signs, pipes, angle iron etc. The company’s customers include The Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel Electric Corporation, Shikun & Binui / Solel Boneh, the Gindi Group, Ortam-Malibu, Hametoeset, Shafir, and more.
For renewable energy projects the company is seeking for partners:
1) financial companies - banks, investment groups, entrepreneurial companies, other investors interested in solar projects – for common investments under financial agreement,
2) technological companies specializing in the solar field – for common activity in the solar project under services agreement,
3) owners of rights to perform PV (photovoltaic) projects around the world, including permits before signing with contractors – to perform PV-projects under subcontracting agreement,
4) suppliers / manufacturers of construction products – to represent them in Israel and other countries under commercial agency agreement

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: everything (planning, solutions, design etc.) is implemented according to customer needs.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -Type - business, trade, industry

-Activity – 1) financial companies: banks, investment companies / groups, entrepreneurial companies, other investors interested in investing in a solar project,
2) technological companies specializing in the solar field,
3) owners of rights to perform PV-projects around the world, including permits before signing with contractors,
4) suppliers of construction products.

-Role – 1) common investments in a solar project under financial agreement,
2) common activity on the solar field under services agreement,
3) performance of PV-projects under subcontracting agreement,
4) representing the manufacturers of construction products in Israel and other countries under commercial agency agreement

Advantages & innovations:

1. The solar system manufactured by a professional construction company (dealing with constructing solar panels) appears the most efficient, in view of ROI (return on investment).
2. The company has wide range of experience working with government agencies.
3. In solar farms projects the company acted as an integrated EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor, from the planning stage all the way through connection to the grid. It lasts for almost 10 years – they completed total solar energy fields installation of 482 MW.
4. The company has been marketing all types of construction steels and steel products (including pipes, profiles, hollow sections and steel plates, is familiar with the consumer market.
5. The company is on first hand import of merchant bar, plates, pipes and profiles and works via its commercial networks.
6. Supply, installation and maintenance of road guardrails and safety equipment go via its distribution ways.
7. The company is a reliable registered and certification contractor for Netivei Israel (the National transport infrastructure company).

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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