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A distributor / agent in the field of construction, industry, agriculture and gardening tools is looking for manufacturers for commercial agency agreement (BRIL20180712001)


Business partnering opportunity REQUEST
Created: 15/07/2018
Last updated: 02/08/2018
Fecha límite: 03/08/2019


An Israeli leading importer, marketer and vendor experienced in the field of construction materials is looking for manufacturers of construction, industrial products, agricultural, gardening tools and appliances. The products are intended for use in the according local enterprises. Advantages include big experience, many years in the market, fast and flexible service, exclusive distribution facilities, etc. The commercial / franchise agency and distribution services agreement are sought.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Franchise agency agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company was found in 1995, and in the field of construction materials it is one of leading importers, marketers and vendors. It provides a large variety of necessary products in the field of construction, industry, agriculture and gardening to DIY stores, other trade chains and shopping centers.
Having identified the required market needs, by recognizing the supply and demand in its diverse fields of customers, the company chooses the products to import. All the imported products are inspected and undergo a rigorous process of quality control abroad and in Israel, to provide the best quality response for the customers. The import department finds the products that would give customers the maximum response at prices of maximum profitability without compromising quality.
Besides, the company markets and distributes to leading Israeli companies, for some of them being an exclusive distributor. Among these are: Amikotube, Dolev, Carmit Mr. Fix, Dantec, Kal Kal Afula, Medgal, Harsa, A.G. Liran, Lipski, Terflex Industries, Plassim, Palad, Elgo, Plasson, Amcor, Huliot, BG. Bond, Romold Industries, Yehuda Welded Mesh, SP Gamal Sarid and more.
The "service oriented" company holds a huge range of products in its warehouses to provide a suitable response in real time and place for all its customers, whose amount reaches 1000.
The company's customers enjoy maximum availability both in oral response and in the daily supply of orders through a fleet of trucks that travel throughout the country and distribute merchandise to the company's customers. The company does its best to provide a solution for all customers. In most cases, it solves specific problems of product delivery to each specific customer who is "stuck" at any time during the day.
The company markets its products throughout the country, from the most northern point of Israel to the most southern - Eilat. Its sale teams are spread across Israel and regularly visits every customer.
The distribution centre is located in the industrial zone near the port of Ashdod. The trucks are loaded at night and leave at dawn for national distribution lines throughout the work week. The company is attentive to its customers in development of unique products and the achievement of missing products in the market.
The company always fruitfully cooperates with a product manufacturer to:
- develop new products for the solutions of customers’ needs and - customize the offered products for Israeli market.
The company offers its customers a variety of products with the accessories in the fields of: gardening and agriculture (garden tubes, pulleys, piping and accessories, irrigation guns etc.), networks and fencing, industry and foundations / institutions, bath and sanitation, installation, boilers and solar batteries, piping, building, working tools, paints, diluters and accessories, fire department, marking, packing and labeling, housewares (home service cabinet, plastic chairs, folding tables, etc.).
The company is looking for commercial, franchise agency and distribution services agreement with the companies interested in Israeli (and not only) representative / franchisee / distributor of their production in the above fields: construction, industry, agriculture and gardening.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: Any products in the fields of construction, industry, agriculture and gardening, which are in correspondence with European and Israeli standards, the company believes, could be suitable.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - industry, business, trade

-ACTIVITY – manufacturers (sometimes agents / representatives) of any products in the fields of construction, industry, agriculture and gardening

-ROLE - to manufacture / supply appropriate production from local markets.

Advantages & innovations:

The professional marketing & distributing company is attractive for partners by its following advantages:
1.Experience of more than 20 years in the market.
2.Wide variety of necessary products in the construction, industry, agriculture and gardening fields are available around the clock.
3.All Israeli (and not only) market penetration and serving more than 1000 client firms provided by high requirements and quality assurance of supplied products.
4.Flexible response to the demand concerning unique, innovative and lacking products.
5.They have their own big distribution centre and many trucks manage to supply production over the working week etc.
6.They act in fruitful alliance with a product manufacturer in both:
- development of new products to solve the customers’ needs and
- customization of the offered products for Israeli market.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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