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An Israeli famous brand highly specialized in the Dead Sea cosmetic products is looking for commercial / franchise agency agreement (BOIL20180718001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 18/07/2018
Last updated: 14/08/2018
Fecha límite: 15/08/2019


An Israeli manufacturer, specializing in cosmetic products based on the Dead Sea minerals, is looking for partners. Advantages over those on the market include unique design, high quality of products and commercial flexibility in the company activity. The targeted partners are large trade / retail chains, local franchisees, distributors. The company is looking for franchise / commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Franchise agency agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company was founded 20 years ago and is known as one of the leading cosmetic brands in terms of innovation and manufacturing high quality products based on Dead Sea minerals. The company produces about 500 various product types divided into several series - from mass market products to luxury products sold for hundreds of dollars per unit. In addition, they manufacture therapeutic creams for patients with psoriasis. High quality of their products is an unprecedented result of business vision combined with natural minerals the Dead Sea offers.
The company operates sales outlets in tourist areas in Israel (through sister company). The company operates on many levels and has global presence in more than 60 countries exporting its products around the world - about half of the company's revenues come from overseas sales.
The company employs about 60 employees. The production plant has the strictest GMP standard and the company's products have the European standard.
The company invests a lot of time and thinking in R&D investigations to check and examine efficiency of the Dead Sea unique elements, their therapeutic and other effects on skin. The company scientists work in close cooperation with laboratories and leading centers in Israel and abroad. For instance, the developed spa products are based on research and biotechnological knowledge and effectiveness in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis, seborrhea or different rheumatic diseases known in the therapeutic Dead Sea cosmetics.
The company design award winning products are very diverse and mostly categorized by lines or levels. The product design is visibly different from those usual in the segment.
The company has divided, cataloged and priced its wide variety of more than 500 product types. The company pursues a policy of commercial flexibility, providing for various products both on luxurious and mass market level. The company is open for possibility of producing private labels.
Despite its rather big activity on the cosmetic market, the company develops new products and is interested in the expansion of sales markets. The company products are sold in large retail chains, by local franchisees, mono brand stores of their luxury brand, via exclusivity agreements. They are known by and prefer to cooperate with large retail chains, not a local distributor or intermediary unless there is no other choice. Some regions are served by small distributors as well. With these partners the company used to work under (and is looking for) commercial agency, distribution services and franchise agency agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge and connections in the world of cosmetics - sale, distribution, purchase managers, buyers, etc. The same experience should be at a franchisee who also is assumed to place the production in its own shops etc.

-ROLE - to find local customers and to open the doors to local markets, especially of large trade chains. Franchisee may use the company trademark and market the production according to the instructions he gets in marketing and training support provided by the company.

Advantages & innovations:

The manufacturer of cosmetic production based on Dead Sea minerals:

- exists on the market more than 20 years, is globally present in more than 60 countries and exports its products around the world,

- has R&D department and production plant with the strictest GMP standard and EU-standard products,

- provides the market for:
a) about 500 various product types, classified and catalogued by target destination effects of skin treatment / care,
b) the design award winning products, very diverse, categorized by lines / levels.
c) the production design is visibly different from those usual in the segment.
d) high quality products resulting from business vision combined with natural minerals the Dead Sea.

- is known on the market by its:
a) flexible commercial policy enabling to meet the market needs by both luxuries and mass market products,
b) possibility of producing private labels

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Trade Marks - All the products have been protected by the trade mark from 2006.

Clasificado como: Medicine and Health \ Manufactura Industrial \ Otras Tecnologías Industriales \ Chemistry & Chemical Engineering \ Industria

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