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An Israeli leading manufacturer of pickled products is looking for commercial agency agreement (BOIL20180508001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 21/05/2018
Last updated: 26/06/2018
Fecha límite: 27/06/2019


An Israeli company highly specialized in manufacturing olives and pickled vegetables is looking for agents, representatives, distributors and other partners for cooperation. Advantages over those on the market include fast, environmentally friendly, effective manufacture of high quality products and packaging, pure natural food components. The company is looking for cooperation under commercial agency, distribution services and services agreements.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

A leading Israeli company in the field of pickling production specializes in the production of a variety of olives and pickled cucumbers both in individual, family and institutional packages. The company was founded more than 60 years ago. The company presents a selection of cucumbers, olives and pickled vegetables with excellent taste. Olive oil, cucumbers in salt and vinegar, pickled eggplants, red pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. The green olives and pickled cucumbers appear in small sizes of 540 g, economical packages of 1.250 kg and even in packages of 3 kg. All olives and even the pickled vegetables are also available in the packaging of both tins and glass jars.
In 2017 the company launched a new and advanced production plant, based on automation, which began operating in the past year and significantly increased production capacity. The plant produces thousands of tons annually in a wide variety of products. In the past 15 years, the plant has enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales and has managed to maintain its leading position in the market.
In order to maintain high quality, the world’s best automation equipment was purchased. A new acceptance system was established for the various vegetables with the most advanced technologies. Filling the tins, adding spices, pasteurization and packaging are all done by state-of-the-art equipment. The automation is of the last word in the world in the field. Computer-enabled technology allows execution of accurate weight in each and every package, creating a hands free environment throughout the whole production line.
The factory is qualified for ISO 9002 quality test in the 2002 version, as well as the Ministry of Health (GMP) certification exams.
Most of the customers are consumers of the Jewish market in the world – USA, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. This is due to the company production quality and highest level of Kashrut. The company works in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene, which is subject to strict inspections by the health authorities in these countries. In addition to Jewish customers, the company also acquires loyal customers from other faiths, including members of immigrants’ communities who have found their favorite Middle Eastern taste in the company pickles. The company food products carry the elegant koshering of the prestigious kashrut certificate of orthodox Judaism in the United States and the Badatz (a major Jewish rabbinical court) in Israel. The products can be found in most food stores in Israel, thanks to its extensive marketing and distribution systems and long-standing reputation, which has been built throughout the past 60 years as one of Israel favorite brands. The company maintains close trade relations with wholesalers located in all regions of Israel, has an extensive network of mobile agents.
The company exports to the US market under their own brand and as a private lable.
Today most of the company customers in Europe are consumers of the Jewish market, and now the company is interested to expand its activity in European countries to all the public (not only those following traditions in food).
The company is looking for partners familiar with food chains and markets in their countries. They are ready to consider partnerships under cooperation agency, distribution services or services agreements as a base for future cooperation. According to the distributor activity needs, the company can also produce on a private lable base and not just under their own brand.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience / knowledge / good connections in food industry, retail chains, supermarkets, grocery stores

-ROLE - to find local customers for presenting them the company production and providing them with it. According to the distributor activity needs, the company can also produce on a private lable base and not just under their own brand.

Advantages & innovations:

The whole company plant (not only the equipment system or machines) is built as a “green” construction, which saves energy and electricity and meets the LEEN standard.
In 2017, the company moved to a new plant building with a huge investment of millions dollars. The plant incorporates innovative and unique machines for the field of canned food, which work by innovative technology. The technology allows fully automated assembly line (either handmade operations or hand contacting is excluded).
The technology makes it possible:
- accurate weighing,
- high quality packaging,
- complete automation.
The company production is of high quality also due to use of original, real and natural reference materials, not artificial substitutes

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial \ Alimentación y bebidas \ Industria

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