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An Israeli food manufacturer of sesame products and other bakery goods looking for distribution service (BOIL20180501001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 15/05/2018
Last updated: 15/06/2018
Fecha límite: 16/06/2019


This Israeli founded company was established in 1929 for the purpose of manufacturing food in Israel. The company specializes in sesame products such as Halva and raw Tahini as well as verious bakery goods and organic/sugar free products and are looking for a partner that can provide a distribution service.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement

Descripción completa

This Israeli food manufacturer has the largest market share in Israel (employing over 250 workers) for sesame products (raw Tahini (43%), sesame Halva (65%)) and also for sugar free bakery goods. They currently export to Jewish communities and ethnic markets around the world and are looking for more distributors in order to gain access to more untapped markets that are currently unable to be reached. Due to this the client is seeking a distribution services agreement with a company that can better help spread the product more globally. Among their clients: retailers, professional market clients, the IDF, government offices & distributors in various countries: USA, Canada, GB, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, South Africa, etc. but the goal is to further expand that list.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for food distributors around the world who can sell the company's various sesame products and other baked goods to ethnic markets, Jewish communities, or other retailers.

Advantages & innovations:

-This company uses cutting edge machinery and equipment

-The manufacturing complex is made up of 3 factories and over 118 thousand square feet to work on

-All products are under the supervision of the ultra-orthodox Badatz Eida Chareidis Jerusalem thus making them undergo higher examination and therefore become a superior product.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Secret Know-how,Other

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