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An Israeli company highly specialized in emergency medicine activity, consulting and training is seeking partners for commercial agency and service agreement (BOIL20180323001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 25/03/2018
Last updated: 30/04/2018
Fecha límite: 01/05/2019


An Israeli company professionally active in emergency medicine, has developed their own program for advanced consulting and training the staff in hospitals/ medical centers/ other medical institutions in emergency medicine, first-aid help and equipment. Advantages include great experience of the company in theoretical level and practice, customization of multiple courses, covering all emergency aspects. The company is looking for commercial agency and services agreement

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company was established in 1992 as a privately owned company and specializes in medical projects and medical devices of various directions. The company main specialization is resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine, equipment for medical simulations and training of medical provider teams. The company works with professionals, each in his expertise. The company unit for resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine uses and provides training with: 1)monitoring equipment: blood pressure monitors, multi parameter monitors, capnometry and spirometry devices, 2)AED (automated external) defibrillators, 3)rescue equipment – stretchers, first aid equipment, fire extinguishers etc. They have a special division for first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training and fire & safety training.
The company participates in new large scale projects, knows to build and equip hospitals /medical centers. They specialize in training medical staff on first aid courses, CPR, trauma, medical services in the community and how to act in disasters. They create rescue teams all over the world, provide fully integrated medical services - consulting, planning, designing, training & serving solutions, purchases installing. The team comprises doctors & experts, service engineers and financial CPA’s. They offer abilities to: analyze customer needs and budget, consult with designers and architects, prepare programs for statotorical certificates and supervise the construction level until completion of project. The company operates 2 different multidisciplinary medical clinics with 50 professional doctors, nurses and staff.
Today the company offers to the market a successive part of their international medical services, - training medical teams, establishment of emergency medical systems for/in medical centers and consultation in establishing new hospitals. Their medical training is special by: a)their course instructors, who are medical doctors, paramedics, ambulance drivers, medics and combat medics, IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) combat medic instructors, b)accordance of updated course contents to new guidelines – leaded and controlled by the company, c)training their own instructors, d)multiple types of medical courses that the company provides are customized to the audience (ATLS - Advanced Trauma Life Support, PHTLS - prehospital trauma life support, ACLS - advanced cardiovascular life support , BLS - Basic Life Support), e)ISO 9001:2015, f)the ability to provide services around the world to any kind of audience (medical doctors, nurses, soldiers, government officials). The subjects are first aid, BLS, ALS, trauma, shock, head injuries, emergency cases (dehydration, hypo/hyper glycaemia, intoxications), epilepsy, managing multi-incident event, common first-aid illnesses, basic procedures.
In order to advance their theoretical and practical knowledge to new markets, the company is looking for local representatives in other countries, who would be able to assist in marketing the company activities under commercial agency agreement and services agreement. Those would be agents / representatives with knowledge in medicine, especially emergency field, and with strong connections in local medical communities (medical centers, hospitals etc.) enabling to organize training of relevant specialists.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - agent / representative (also companies) with experience/ knowledge of medical aspects and contacts in medical community & centers especially in the field of emergency services,

-ROLE - to find local customers – medical centers, hospitals, emergency services, health service offices

Advantages & innovations:

The company is the only medical tutoring institution in Israel that holds the ISO-9001:2015 Certification, since 1998.
What differs the company courses from others:
1) course instructions are provided by the company’s medical doctors, paramedics, ambulance drivers, medics and combat medics, IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) combat medic instructions,
2) updating the course contents is performed according to new guidelines of the company,
3) training is performed by the company’s own instructors
4) multiple types of medical courses provided by the company (ATLS, PHTLS, ACLS, BLS…) are customized (fitted to the customers’ needs),
5) ability to provide this service around the world to any kind of audience (medical doctors, nurses, soldiers, government officials)

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