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An Israeli company specializing in novel approach to drug release and delivery is looking for commercial agency, distribution & services agreement (BOIL20180322002)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 26/03/2018
Last updated: 03/04/2018
Fecha límite: 04/04/2019


An Israeli SME develops, manufactures and commercializes novel localized extended drugs based on proprietary innovative drug delivery technology. Advantages include constant prolonged (up to several months) drug release according to medical needs, enhancing drug performance over multiple drug applications. The target partners are agents understanding medical aspects /drug delivery/ developments in novel & generic space. The company seeks commercial agency, distribution & services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The company was founded in 2008 as a start-up, having about 60 employees today. Now it is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacture and commercializing novel, locally administered therapies. It widely uses its own innovative transformational encapsulation technology. The company leading clinical stage product is a secured antibiotic reservoir. It provides and effective and safe antibacterial means to prevent and eliminate the pathogen generators in the target area by administering drugs during the process of surgical cut closure at the completion of the surgical procedure. After the surgery, the reservoir releases the antibiotics for several weeks, thus allowing prolonged treatment and prevention of infection. The technology applications overcome disadvantages of systemic treatment. The impact is highly effective despite use of only a fraction of the drug dose required in systemic approach for similar periods. Using low, but effective, dose minimizes potential side-effects and cost of treatment. The localized medication is essential in many localized medical conditions such as infections, inflammation, pain and certain cancers. Moreover, the local drug delivery overcomes systemic penetration challenges in such applications as bone, brain etc. The resulting, already developed, local treatments via encapsulated agents might be used in oncology, inflammation, pain relief, infection and bone growth. The active products are obtained by unique innovative platform designed for approved or innovative medicines. In the body they are delivered locally, at predetermined release rates and durations, over periods from days to several months. So, the application has potential to improve patient outcomes and lower the overall cost of treatment. It enables customizable, controlled and extended local delivery of drugs, thereby addressing many shortcomings of systemic administration and existing localized delivery systems. In fact, the product is based on small particles, coated by the developed multilayer matrix formulation containing the drug. The drug release occurs when the top layer comes into contact with liquid and dissolves. Duration of release is constant and prolonged as every time the upper layer dissolves while the layers below remain dry. The number of layers defines duration of the release. The drug could be inserted or injected directly at target site.
The formulation is suitable for any drug type. Duration of drug release can be adjusted by need, even for longer periods, of a month or more. The technology may represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of several localized medical conditions, including infection, pain, inflammation and cancer. At present, the company is focusing with its lead product for prevention of infection following heart surgery. There is currently no local treatment for infection prevention after open heart surgery. The only treatment available is an antibiotic injection half an hour before surgery.
The company is currently building its production capacities. The company's products are manufactured in clean rooms at the highest sterility level. The company has an office in the US aimed to support clinical trials there and starts locating the markets to enter after product receives approval. The company seeks commercial agency / distribution and services agreement with those specializing in medical aspects / drug development and know the local pharma and other companies as the following: 1. Both pharmaceutical and drug development companies who have developed a pharmaceutical molecule and need a delivery system for their drug. 2. Large pharmaceutical companies, with an emphasis on R&D contacts. The purpose - cooperation and participation in funding projects for drug delivery of various therapeutic indications. 3. Marketers / distributors for the company lead product to manage surgical site infection. 4. Medical centers for clinical trials of products

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: The offered drug delivery system is intended for local treatment only, not systemic treatment.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - agent / representative (also companies) with experience/ knowledge in pharmaceutical technologies, drug delivery, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), drug compounds and contacts in pharma community. They should know local pharma companies and address to those who: 1) develop innovative drugs and need the drug delivery systems, 2) develop drug delivery for generic drugs, 3) is interested to participate in R&D projects of drug delivery for various therapeutic indications, 4) medical centers for clinical trials of ready-made products.

-ROLE - to find local customers – a) pharma companies who develop new drugs and need the drug delivery systems; b) big pharma companies with emphasis on R&D contacts for funding projects of drug delivery for various therapeutic indications, c) medical centers for clinical trials for the ready-made drugs.
- to market / distribute the company lead product for management of surgical site infection.

Advantages & innovations:

The developed innovative technology enables to:
• obtain a unique and differentiated product that allows prolonged release of the drug for rather long time using a small dose,
• be used for various drugs and applications,
• improve the efficiency of drugs and clinical outcomes, potential value of drugs and extends the life cycle of new drugs,
• eradicate resistant bacteria,
• substitute a systemic administration for local impact, thus effectively improve the patient state of health with minimal intervention.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - There is a great potential of applying the novel technology to the other medicines, not yet approbated for local administration.


Patents granted - The technology is patent protected around the world (from 2008).

Clasificado como: Medicine and Health

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