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Israeli provider of top security covert authentication and anti-counterfeiting technologies is offering secure track and trace solution for brand protection and is searching for integrators for service agreements. (BOIL20180211001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 19/02/2018
Last updated: 15/05/2018
Fecha límite: 16/05/2019


An Israeli company, with 17+ years of expertise in R&D, has developed and patented a novel covert authentication solution for brand protection of products, as well as secure track and trace to be used against counterfeiting and parallel marketing for protection of branded products, documents and authentication of valuable creative works. The company is considering service and joint venture agreements with integrators.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

The company was established in Israel in 1993 and possesses a high-level R&D expertise in solid-state physics, chemistry, and signal processing, serving as the basis for its patent in authentication technology. They serve larger companies with world-wide distributed product lines, ranging from consumer electronics to high fashion apparel.

They are offering machine-readable Level - 3 authentication technology for protection of valuable brands and proprietary rights against counterfeiting and parallel marketing. Major attributes of the technology are:
- system: invisible machine readable class,
- detector: portable radio frequency (RF) transceiver,
- marker (taggant): patented micron-sized mineral powders (1-2 microns),
- effects: several sub-molecular physical effects such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear quadruple resonance (NQR), electron spin resonance (ESR).

Technology can be applied for securing supply chain:
- anti-counterfeiting,
- anti parallel marketing,
- protection of smart cards with ID data.

Operating modes include:
- stand-alone for fast Yes/No authentication only (no information) for field inspectors,
- combined with track and trace,
- securing any standard information carrier such as bar-codes linear or 2D, smart chips, visual numbers, laser engraved glass,
- fast deployment, very low cost, using current T&T information processing infra-structure, easy to apply,
- reading information and authentication – combined reader.

Technology features include:
- automatic data logging of reader to oversight inspections results (recording) and transmit data to PC and onwards to any location worldwide,
- inherent control on sub-contractors (of products) thanks to a built-in control parameter for ensuring correct and exact manufacturing of ordered products (no extra series) as well as a reliable remote oversight capability on sub-contractors performance (quality and quantities),
- combined security solution for both smart card and information stored in the information carrier (smart chip) against both copy and change of information in the chip and on the card: a covert security layer and an optical barcode are added to the card on top the memory chip.

The system complies to the following H&S and Environmental standards:
- USA CFR TITLE 40 - protection of environment
- USA CFR TITLE 21 - food and drugs
- European EN-71
- REGULATION (EC) No. 1907/2006
- European WEEE
- ISO-12931:2012

This company is currently cooperating with integrators who provide end users with security solutions. They are looking for new integrators worldwide for better outreach for their technology. The company is seeking to cooperate with brand protection integrators.
Proposed cooperation types:
- services agreements (main type of cooperation with integrators, company will offer its security solutions),
- joint venture agreements (production of company’s security solutions on the partner’s local production facility. This company will offer its technology and expertise, and a potential partner can produce and incorporate covert security markers into its products).

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking to cooperate with the following partners:
- Integrators:
The partner’s role will be to supply company’s technology to the end-customers via the integrator. Cooperation if foreseen through services agreements.
- Local producers:
The partners role will be to cooperate with the company through joint venture agreement and integrate company’s security solutions into its products.

Advantages & innovations:

The company’s employee team includes experts in particle physics and magnetic resonance (MR) and industry-seasoned electronic and chemical engineers.
Company is certified to:
And complies with ISO-12931:2012
Company’s technology has the following advantages:
- high resistance to fraud,
- insensitive to ambient conditions such as magnetic or electrical fields, dirt, greases, temperatures extremes (-100 to 600 C),
- custom “fingerprint” tagging – unique tagging material for major customers / integrators,
- simple to use by field inspectors – transceiver that sends and receives radio frequency (RF) signals,
- non-magnetic, non-optical based technology,
- high authentication reliability with low false readings rate – meeting 6 sigma level (3 false-negative readings in a million readings. False positive- a few order of magnitudes better),
- instantaneous detection – allows for in-motion detection (such as credit cards, currency bills counting/sorting machines),
- range of reliable detection is between 1 to 10mm depending on specific application,
- using the RF enables reading through plastics, paper, carton, wood, etc.,
- useful for covert and fast authentication audits in the marketplace, shops, warehouses, where the inspector wishes to remain hidden.

End user field operating advantages are the following:
- definite yes/no indication for field inspectors,
- provides solid evidence in court of law - Level 3 forensic class technology,
- flexible implementation on products.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Patents granted

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