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An Israeli producer of high security safes, with various levels of protection, is looking for distribution partners worldwide (BOIL20180206001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 25/02/2018
Last updated: 16/05/2018
Fecha límite: 17/05/2019


The Israeli company has 100+ years of experience in the development, engineering, production and quality control of various types of custom made safes, vaults and other protective solutions. They all meet Israeli, American, and European safety standards and are available in a wide range of levels of protection and configurations. The company is looking for distributors, as well as partners to work under joint venture agreements.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

Since its establishment this Israeli company has invested heavily in the development of its products and is responsible for numerous developments and innovations in the fields of safes engineering and security. Today the company is among the world leaders in the safe and vault industry.

This company supplies a wide range of customers worldwide, including the Pentagon, US Army, US Department of the Navy, Israeli Defense Forces, four top Israeli banks (by the number of assets), Israeli Railways, Israeli Airport Authority, the largest jewelry retail chains in Israel, the 47th street in New York, and various diamond and jewelry dealers.

The company is engineering and producing custom-tailored safes that fit exact specifications and security level standards of the customer.

The company is considering:
- distribution service agreements to work with distributors abroad in order to supply its products to new customers and penetrate new markets.
- joint venture agreements for a joint venture in production and final assembly of safes and doors.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for the following partners:
- Distributors and dealers worldwide who will be distributing company’s safes, vaults, security doors, modular panels (for customers form banking, jewelry, military and any other market) and other protective solutions to various public and private clients. Cooperation will be carried out through distribution service agreements.
- Any cooperation carried out through joint venture agreements.

Advantages & innovations:

All safes have the following technologies:
- multi-layered steel plates and cast concrete to create maximum strength and high resistance to intrusion,
- multi-direction boltwork mechanism and a double locking mechanism consisting of a combination lock and a high security key lock for safes which are protected by re-lockers

Various types of safes:
- a double locking mechanism consisting of a combination lock and a high security key lock for safes.

- door is reinforced with steel bars to prevent drilling and breaking the locking mechanism of the safe.

- door is reinforced with special alloy grids, patented by the company that provide tool and torch protection

- rated TL-30 and has maximum strength and high resistance against concentrated attack with alloy grid door reinforcement.

- rated TL-30×6 and is protected by randomly scattered glass plate re-lockers. Body and door have alloy grid reinforcement.

- rated TRTL-30×6 with a multi-layered structure which offers a high resistance to intrusion by tools and torch. The body and door are constructed of steel plates and are cast with Alchronite, company’s patented material. All locks are protected by randomly scattered glass plate re-lockers.

This company owns a number of patents and has the following certifications, being the only safes manufacturing company in the world to be approved for the highest U.L. standard for torch and tool resistant safes - class TRTL-60x6:

UL 687
• Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TL-30
• Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TL-30x6
• Torch & Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TRTL-30x6
• Torch & Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TRTL-60x6

Certified and approved by VdS, Germany
• Safes - Class V - including double doors. Any size up to 2.5 Meter High.
• Strongroom Panels - Class X - Xll

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Secret Know-how,Trade Marks

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