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An Israeli world-class specialist in advanced agro-technology and all aspects of greenhouse equipment is seeking partners for cooperation under commercial agency agreement (BOIL20180123001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 28/01/2018
Last updated: 20/02/2018
Fecha límite: 20/02/2019


A leading Israeli expert, developer and supplier of effective greenhouses is looking for commercial partners. Advantages include professional optimal customizing the project in its planning and performance that allows great cost-efficiency, “green nature” and energy saving. The target partners are business companies with proven activity in agriculture, preferred experience / knowledge in greenhouse economy. The company seeks distribution, commercial agency, franchise and joint venture agreements

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Franchise agency agreement Commercial agency agreement Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

The leading Israeli company specializes in the design, engineering, production and installation of greenhouse projects that suit all crop requirements and climatic conditions, in Israel and in more than 65 countries worldwide. The company is a
specialist in implementation of turnkey projects that include feasibility studies, consultation on the choice of structure, area location, supply of infrastructure and greenhouse equipment, as well as systems of artificial light, purification and reuse of water, advanced water filtration systems, modern breeding platforms,
automation, irrigation, fertilization and climate control systems, installation, instruction on agro-technology growing methods and long-term service.
The company was established in 1959 and has grown from a small, backyard welding workshop through manufacturing such structures as chicken coops / cow sheds into a world-class expert in all aspects of greenhouse equipment and advanced agro-technology who is totally committed to support customers both
directly from company in Israel and through local subsidiaries strategically located around the world. The company greenhouses result from 60 years of wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of expert engineers working closely with farmers, agricultural research institutes and the Israeli Ministry of
Agriculture. This vast knowledge and experience have made the company a major supplier of greenhouses in Israel, with worldwide annual sales of more than 300 hectares. Farmers and growers throughout the world know that the company, together with extensive support and professional service, provides the
optimal conditions for increased quality yields and profitability. The company performs projects in many countries around the world. The company greatly cares of innovative and quality products and is constantly involved in R&D process. They adapt their greenhouses to suit the needs of every market around the world. They work at larger air vents, greater light transmission
in their greenhouse constructions, work at their withstanding high gusts of wind, hail and snow. Their greenhouses are designed according to Israeli greenhouse standard and in accordance with international standards.
The company prime objective is that farmers achieve optimal yields on a given surface area. So the company customizes its R&D technological approaches, tools & systems accordingly.
On the market the company has caught a peculiar niche – they are cheaper than many companies building “glass castle”, are more professional than those selling incomplete solutions, while they are more creative than many those providing solutions that are not suitable to current needs of customers. However,
in its projects the company constantly implements those innovative technologies, which contribute to both environmental protection and faster ROI (return on investment).
The company is looking for professional agents who would be engaged and know the field of agriculture, are willing to work exclusively with the company and know to sell projects in the amount of millions of dollars. The partner should have customers who had purchased already or has access to the potential buyers, who has logistic base and a person devoting minimum 50% of his time to the greenhouse project. The partner should be in direct contact with the company and with customers and cooperate with the company under commercial agency/ distribution services / joint venture / franchising agency agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: All the technical specifications are accounted for in each project planning.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type and Role of Partner Sought*
-TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY. - The company is looking for professional agents who would:
- be engaged and know the field of agriculture,
- be willing to work exclusively with the company and know to sell projects in the amount of millions of dollars,
- have a list of customers previously purchased or are potentially purchasing power and he has direct access to them
- have a logistics base - offices, warehouse, finance department,
- place a salesperson focusing on greenhouse projects at least 50% of his time
- allow direct contact between the company and customers
- be busy in proven activity in a field complementary to the company field (seeds / fertilizers / food marketing, etc.)

-ROLE - under commercial agency / distribution services it is expected that the partner provides the company for local customers via variety of marketing activity types,
- under franchise agency / joint venture agreement it is expected that the partners create a common unit to realize / customize the company production

Advantages & innovations:

The company has been on the market of greenhouses for 60 years with their highly reliable and updated advanced production possessing the following advantages:
1.“Green approach” - significant reduction in need for using pesticides that contaminate natural resources, use of efficient greenhouses, ecologic balance of nature with big savings on water,
2. Assimilation of advanced technologies with environmental friendly approach, using alternative / natural energy,
3.Significant energy saving with use of innovative roof cover – around 25% saving in energy use,
4. The company carries out projects valued from 20 to 250 USD per 1sq.m with great cost-efficiency, achieved by high level customization and care for environmental protection.
5.The tailor-made agro-technical solution is formed according to the customer's budget definition.
6.The company’s greenhouses give farmers much more:
increased agricultural output, structural strength and stability, optimal microclimate conditions inside greenhouse, savings on construction costs, attractive prices, efficiency and savings in logistics.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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