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An Israeli sheet metal manufacturer and assembler of turnkey technological solutions in the field of electronic packaging and precise electromechanics is seeking partners worldwide to offer its services in manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing. (BOIL20180117003)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 12/02/2018
Last updated: 08/03/2018
Fecha límite: 09/03/2019


An Israeli sheet metal company with 60 years of experience is offering production and assembly of any kind of electronic packaging and precise electromechanics. Company handles computerized laser and water jet cutting; computerized and numerically controlled (CNC) punching; computerized CNC bending; argon, CO2 and point welding of stainless steel, steel and aluminium; powder and wet painting. Looking to offer its services in manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements worldwide.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Manufacturing agreement Subcontracting Outsourcing agreement

Descripción completa

Founded in Israel in 1958, company has 140 employees and 9.000 sq.m of production and assembly facilities wide range of sophisticated production equipment and provides complete end to end turn-key solutions that include engineering, manufacturing, procurement, logistics and out-of-the-box solutions to its customers, from the initial stage of specification and planning to the finished product. Company’s customers are from various industries including: security and military, machining, automation, machine construction, electronics, communications, telephony, peripherals, medical equipment, microelectronics, and start-ups.

Manufacturing is divided into sub-divisions: laser cutting, punching and water cutting, bending, welding, machining, fastening, finish and assembly.

The company offers advanced engineering solutions throughout all stages of the production process; from product specification, development completion, prototype production, and until the implementation of mass production.

Company’ s main activities include:
• turnkey services, providing customers a one-stop-shop experience from development to post-production,
• implementation and integration of complex systems, electricity, electronics, optics, pneumatics and mechanics,
• electromechanics assemblies design according to customer specification or model,
• redesigning existing products for price reduction/improvement purposes,
• product engineering and manufacturing support,
• technical support to the company’s customers.

Company’s main capabilities include:
• design for manufacturing,
• manufacturing and assembly,
• electromechanical and mechanical assembly,
• professional purchasing,
• testing and integration,
• high production output and rapid deployment,
• delivery, export and import services.

Company also offers its customers:
• flexible and diverse delivery methods, tailored to customer requirements,
• packaging and finishing according to customer requirements,
• designated packaging according to specifications,
• product storage in strict and optimal conditions,
• worldwide delivery.

Company’s build to print products include: launchers (for rockets and missiles), container for transporting rockets, racks, chassis, metal parts.

Company is looking for new partners in order to expand its activities and is considering the following types of cooperation with them:
• manufacturing agreements: company is offering its partners turnkey solutions in production of any kind of electromechanics according to customer’s exclusive requirements and demands,
• outsourcing agreements: company is able to outsource engineering, production or assembly of any kind of electromechanics for its partner,
• subcontracting agreements: company can be assigned to carry out a certain element of the production process.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The type of Partner Sought – final customers that need any kind of electronic packaging or precise electromechanicals to be developed and produced.
Type of cooperation – manufacturing agreement.
The tasks to be performed by the company – company will offer a turnkey solution from development to manufacturing and delivery.

The type of Partner Sought – electronic packaging or precise electromechanicals producers.
Type of cooperation – outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.
The tasks to be performed by the company – company will be engaged in the supply chain of the final product and accomplish any task or tasks within manufacturing.

Advantages & innovations:

• ISO 9001:2000
• Compliance with RoSH and WEEE Directives EC/95/2002
• Rafael certified manufacturer.
• IAI certified manufacturer.
• Ministry of Defense certified manufacturer.
Production facility and operations:
• Total production area 9.000 sq.m in Gab Yavne and Beer Sheva.
• Manufacturing department working 24/7.
• Draft production of prototypes and models.
• Synchronized manufacturing, acquisition and logistics.
• Providing solutions and support to customers from initial order placement to production and delivery.
• Global procurement and product supplies to any desired location worldwide.
• Continuous and effective inventory management of screws, fasteners, assembly accessories, raw materials and more.
• Constant scouting & sourcing for quality global suppliers, able to meet any requirement.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial \ Otras Tecnologías Industriales \ Industria

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