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An Israeli leader in traffic and parking control is searching distributors for innovative intelligent traffic control system designated for large-medium sized cities (BOIL20180114001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 18/02/2018
Last updated: 15/03/2018
Fecha límite: 16/03/2019


An Israeli SME, specialist in traffic and parking control, is offering a new traffic control system for medium-large cities. Advantages - direct connection to acting infrastructure with no need of change, ability to integrate to street-level city traffic systems, projects at a relatively low budget, high modularity etc. Target partners should specialize and have contacts in the field of traffic / parking control. Distribution services/commercial agency and license agreement are required.

Partnership(s) sought

  • License agreement Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company is the largest in its field and specializes in execution and maintenance of traffic and parking control projects throughout the country. The company performs projects, which include design, supply, installation and maintenance of traffic control systems, tunnels control systems, traffic lights, parking control from the individual lot to city-wide range, automatic payment systems, electronic signposting, rail-road intersection solutions, light-rail priority systems and more. The company has been operating in the municipal arena for over 45 years developing and introducing technology, according to the demands in the field. The technology presented hereby belongs to the “intelligent traffic system” (ITS) category and is a part of the “smart cities / safe cities” field.
Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) is a control system, which manages and operates interchanges and traffic-lights, according to a defined functionality. The system receives real-time information from a variety of sensors in the street, analyzes and executes traffic plans either automatically, semi-automatically, or manually.
The system manages activity of each individual traffic light, provides priority and other functions to predefined users (emergency vehicles, public transportation) and allows the different intersections to “connect together” to one unified system.
Unlike others in traffic control industry, the company offers a solution, which is integrated into the existing traffic infrastructure allowing the transformation to ITS at an attractive price. The systems are suitable for a wide range of cities, which request to improve traffic congestion, design priority systems and green-waves, and create events according to the city's needs. The company is directing its solution to medium - large size cities (100,000's to 2,000,000 residents).
Additional attributes of the company's system:
1. The offered system can be connected to the city’s available infrastructure, without need to perform changes on the street level.
2. The system is “semi-adaptive” – it performs predefined programs from a single interchange and also allows adaptive interactions between multiple interchanges.
3. The system is highly modular: it can be easily erected on a secure cellular network at tens of interchanges per week.
4. The system's high performance enables very easy installation and use on both the traffic engineer and the traffic controller level.
5. The system can be used in integration with LTR (light rail) identification system to execute priority plans between the LTR and vehicles.
6. The system operates based on an easy-to-use secured HTML5 interface and may use a simple home computer.
7. The system connects and displays information from street-level sensors, traffic lights etc., defines new interchanges using a simple drag-and-drop method. The traffic engineer can add endless control parameters and endless predefined plans.
8. The system logs real time information, stores historical data and allows deep analysis.
9. It allows priority plans, green waves, management of special events, connects, operates and displays on-street cameras.
10. The system can be integrated onto the city’s central control room, is continuously upgraded.
11. The system has been installed in numerous cities.
The company is looking for agents, distributors, companies, which operate in the field of traffic control and maintenance, who can sell the offered system to local municipalities, toll-road companies and national road companies via commercial agency, distribution services and license agreement.
Potential end-users are the companies - integrators in the field of traffic control, municipalities, private/public road owners, firms executing traffic/parking projects. The company is looking for distribution services / commercial agency and licensing agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: TYPE - business, trade

ACTIVITY – agents, distributors / representatives with experience/ knowledge and contacts in the field of traffic control, parking control; the companies performing projects in the field of traffic and parking control in small and medium cities, contacting with decision-makers

ROLE - under commercial agency / distribution agreement – it is expected that a partner would allocate the correct end-users within the target market, "open doors"; would accompany the offering company in creating the local requirement and project, find local customers for implementation and maintenance of the project;
Under license agreement – it is expected that a partner (operating in the field of traffic and parking control) would also allocate the end-users in the market, create a pilot and a project, implement and maintain it.

Advantages & innovations:

Innovative embedded traffic control system has the following advantages:
1. The system can be integrated and installed into almost any city, whether small or large, allowing it to operate the traffic in a "smart" way.
2. The system projects are low-budget since no "on-street" hardware needs to be replaced. The only preparation to be done is to provide the IP (internet protocol) address with the street-level controllers and streetlights, design the required traffic plan and allow the system to operate.
3. The company provides solutions at relatively low prices for small / medium-sized cities with a limited budget.
4. The company's systems are modular, integrated into the existing system and are also capable of providing intermediate solutions.
5.It is the only traffic control system, which directly connects to almost all available infrastructure on the street-level with no additional hardware. The system provides high-level "control umbrella" to the street-level enabling a traffic engineer to design sophisticated traffic plans, priority scenarios, green-waves, and more, which were not available previously.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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