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An Israeli company is searching distributors for integrated digital colposcopy system to address the emergency needs in the gynecology field (BOIL20180111001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 25/01/2018
Last updated: 20/02/2018
Fecha límite: 20/02/2019


An Israeli company specializing in medical device and molecular diagnostics, is offering a new complete solution for colposcopy examination and documentation. The system provides a time efficient user-friendly tool for comprehensive examination and documentation. The company is currently looking for distribution
services agreement

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company creates advanced solutions both at the medical device field (IVD (in vitro diagnostic) kits and medical devices) and the agriculture field (in aspects of molecular diagnostics). The company has more than 10 years of experience at the colposcopy field in Israel. The colposcopy system offers a single platform for colposcopy examination, patient management tools, documentation and patient follow up. The system has two applications according to required protocols:
a) cervix examination for detecting and documenting suspicious lesions and findings at the cervix and vulva area and for patient follow ups,
b) sexual assault application - for documenting findings for sexual assault victims
Reports can be used for forensic evidence.
The company offers to the market an integrated colposcopy management system to provide physicians with a comprehensive and accurate examination tool for both the common cervix examination and the sexual assault examination disciplines.
Being a one-stop-shop, the offered system combines the patient management software with a state-of-the-art HD video colposcopy camera, a medical grade all-in-one computer and a customized, space efficient operator cart. Designed according to the protocols and courses of treatment and embedded with the
professional glossaries of each discipline, the system provides an accurate and reliable examination all while keeping the examination time to a minimum.
The system offers a high resolution cervical tissue imaging device that enables identification and documentation of tissue abnormalities. The picture is taken from a distance of 30 cm, without direct contact with the patient’s body.
Developed with the assistance of key opinion-leader physicians, the software was designed according to the accurate course of the cervix examination. The system offers the physicians an overview of every step of the examination process, complying to the professional Bethesda (TBS) colposcopy guidelines. The system has a user-friendly interface, excellent HD color definition with optical zoom, image control to improve sharpness and detail etc. The system allows efficient, fast and convenient use during examination, and file connectivity is handled using DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). The application for documenting a sexual assault vulnerability can
generate reports that will be used as court records.
The offered system’s end-users are business partners and distributors in the women's health and gynecology fields, that recognize the great potential that the system offers: state and private medical clinics for women, cervical clinics in hospitals, centers for victims of sexual assault, doctors at cervical clinics and physicians at sexual assault centers. To enter new markets, the company is looking for distribution services cooperation with business partners and distributors in the field of woman’s health and gynecology that recognize the great potential the system offers. The distributors in hospitals in the field of gynecology are
expected to have experience in distributing products with DICOM system and be able to provide technical support to clients. For private clinics the company needs distributors working with the private sector

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -type - business, trade

-activity - - distributor with experience/ knowledge in medical equipment /devices and contacts in medical community, especially those of woman’s health. In working with hospitals the distributors should have contacts in the field of gynecology with experience in distributing products with DICOM system and knowing to provide technical support to clients. Distributors are also required for working with the private sector.

-role - to find local customers, to know to instruct the customers, to instruct clients, to enter corresponding corrections according to the customer needs etc.

Advantages & innovations:

1.Time-efficient and patient oriented examination and follow-up
2.Provides a user-friendly approach for examination, follow-up, image storage and annotation, image comparison, pathological reports
3.Efficient patient management tools, examination procedures and protocols designed by key-opinion physicians
4.Compliance with the professional glossaries of Bathesda (TBS) colposcopy guidelines
5.Sharp and vivid HD image
6.DICOM standards Compliance
7.The company provides training to its distributors
8.Multilingual software

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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