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An Israeli leading exporter and producer of dates is looking to cooperate with importers / distributors under distribution services agreement (BOIL20180107001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 04/02/2018
Last updated: 02/03/2018
Fecha límite: 03/03/2019


An Israeli company specializing in exporting & producing Israeli fine dates is offering its production to the market. The company’s advantage is producing unusual dates (like Medjool) with high nutritional values, juiciness, big in size and with marvelous taste. The potential partners are distributors / importers and representatives. The company is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreement

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

Being one of the leading of its kind in Israel, the company makes use of its vast expertise in the growing and exporting of dates such as Medjool, Hayani, Deglet Nour, and Barhi for more than 30 years.
Unlike many others, the company is responsible for the overall process of its dates trade and offers a wide range of products and all-year-round fruit availability.
The company owns a modern packing house equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that meets the industry highest standards and is producing about 2500 tons a year.
The proximity of the packing house to the plantation cuts down transport costs and keeps the fruit fresh and undamaged.
The company's quality assurance system is among the strictest in the world covering all stages of the process, from planting and growing, through sorting, to packing and delivering. This tight supervision ensures that the company's produce, as well as its facilities, meet the highest health, safety, quality and environmental standards in the industry. Only this company has the ability to grow dates and pack them at its own packing house – all under meticulous quality restrictions. This grants the company complete control over the quality and quantity of the produce, and enables it to meet its customers’ highest requirements and strictest schedules. The produce of this company is GlobalGap, B.R.C. (British Retailers Consortium), and ISO 9002 accredited.
The biggest slice of the company production – organic as well as conventional - is exported and sold to large supermarkets in Western Europe, while approx. 40% is being marketed by brokers and major importers worldwide. The production is exported mainly to the European market and to other countries such as the U.S, Turkey, Australia and Morocco.
Though small in size, Israel location alongside the Mediterranean Sea, positions it as a bustling junction between East and West. The constant air and marine traffic allows - often even daily - departures of fresh production from Israel to world markets.
The company produces variety of products with special features. Their most popular date is Medjool, which is unique in its juiciness, it is triple the size compared to other dates and is sold all year round. It's soft texture and great taste is felt in every bite.
Aside from its delicious taste, Medjool is regarded as highly nutritious, and is warmly embraced by athletes, by children – and their parents – who replace candy for a piece of nature, It is low on calories yet rich in fiber; an edible delight that provides an energy boost for children and adults, to those in the fast lane and those who prefer to take it easy.
The company’s organic dates are unique in their cultivation with the chemical- free pesticides fertilizers. Farmers are adopting the biological methods (herding animals or manual trimming and uprooting of wild vegetation) to prevent excessive weed growth, also use owls against rodents.
The dates are stored frozen, thus maintaining their perfect condition and giving them a longer shelf-life. The company is looking for cooperation with distributors, importers of dried fruits, fresh production and packaged fruit production companies

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - distributor / agent / representative (companies) / importer with experience/ knowledge or motivation to start in agricultural aspects and contacts in agricultural community (fresh and dried fruit production, any packaged food products).

-ROLE - to find local markets / customers / supermarket chains accounting for such end-users as residents of Middle East origin in their countries, consumers of health products (sportsmen, children etc.). The cooperation is expected to be under commercial agency or distribution services agreement

Advantages & innovations:

The company stands out in the market for its:
1)being in charge for the overall process of its dates production and supply and
2)ability to sort and pack in its owned packing house, with
3)30 years of expertise in sorting dates.
4)exporting a 100% natural unprocessed product with no additives and all-year-round availability for wide range of fruits.
5)strictest quality assurance system (from planting / growing to sorting, packing and delivery) and highest standards of facilities provide for production meeting a health, safety, quality & environment requirements.
6)ability to choose the best farms, which differ in their perfect climate and expertise to grow the dates, together with everything above gives
7)ability to open new markets and expand existing ones
The company products (especially Medjool nature) differ from others with their:
1.Unusual juiciness, as compared to others of the type,
2.Being double/triple by size of the other dates,
3.Soft texture, sweetness, moisture an extra-fresh flavor and (aside from its delicious taste),
4.Being highly nutritious, thus warmly embraced by the audience in need for calories and natural feed.
5.Great potential and awakening in demand thanks to its association with the health and sport revolutions

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Alimentación y bebidas

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