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An Israeli company specializing in optimization of water systems work is looking for commercial agency agreements (BOIL20180104001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 27/03/2018
Last updated: 17/05/2018
Fecha límite: 18/05/2019


An Israeli company provides for complex solutions to protect water & sewage systems against destructive forces (surge, entrapped air or extreme flow etc). The offered innovative valves (and their proper combinations) for certain requirements expose stability under harsh conditions, high work capacity under pressure, energy saving etc. The company is looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreements with those specialized in waterworks, sewage, desalination, industry etc

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

One of the first in the water supply field in Israel, the company started with concept of professional water surge treatment with hydraulic control valves, air valves and check valves. The company has got network of subsidiaries, collaborates with world-wide academies and owns its international patents. They follow needs of Israeli water industry in water supply, irrigation and wastewater.
Today the company provides solutions to optimize water systems by manufacturing, installation of accessories as air valves, control valves and various valve combinations. The solutions result from computerized analysis of flow interfaces using surge analysis program and air valves installation software. The company offers solutions in energy saving, preventing water line from damage by water surge. They reduce the water system failures, which allow penetration of pathogenic infections and contamination of water resources to final customer.
Air valve, a mechanical device, inserts and exits air from water system, prevents vacuum and allows water solution to flow freely. The combination air valve has features of the both, an air release and an air & vacuum valve. The air release automatically releases small pockets of air to atmosphere as they accumulate in pipeline working under pressure. The air & vacuum valve automatically discharges / admits large volumes of air. This valve will open to relieve negative pressures. The air valve can work with wastewater. Special body materials ensure its durability under highly abrasive conditions and resistance to corrosive liquid environments (brine, sand, sludge, industrial waste, sanitary brine, seawater).
Control valve opens, closes / reduces the water solution flow to regulate pressure within the system and is water saving (e.g., when water pressure increases in night, water can escape from cracks, and the control valve can regulate and prevent water run-off). The company offers diaphragm-operated hydraulic control valves, suitable to install in agriculture and waterworks systems for infrastructure applications and potable water distribution systems in high-rise buildings. The valves use a new developed elliptic diaphragm well-integrated with many regulating control pilots, solenoids and accessories.
A new elliptic pressure sustaining valve (EPSV) is activated by line pressure, normally closed. When the line pressure rises above a preset point, EPSV opens to relieve the excess pressure downstream. When the line pressure drops, EPSV closes to maintain a minimal upstream pressure.
An elliptic pressure reducing valve (EPRV) reduces upstream pressure to a preset downstream value. EPRV maintains a constant downstream pressure within a narrow pressure range.
An elliptic pressure sustaining reducing valve (EPSRV) is a dual pilot valve, activated by line pressure. One pilot is sensitive to upstream pressure and the other - to downstream pressure. EPSRV opens/closes gradually to maintain both required pressures simultaneously. It is used to define two pressure zones along a supply line. Combination of the 2-way command and the elliptical diaphragm enables smooth and precise pressure control.
The valves are applied in: a) Agriculture - irrigation companies around the world now use these air valves developed by the company; b) waterworks – any system uses air valves and control valves; c) sewage (especially air valves are used), d) industry - fire extinguishing in oil & gas facilities; e) desalination; f) mines (mainly abroad). The company has a well-known laboratory in the field and eight subsidiaries in sales and marketing.
All the company's products are manufactured in Israel. The company is looking for representatives to offer the valves and solutions to the mentioned waterworks, agricultural companies etc. under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement with the partners selling the valves to customers in their location.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: TYPE - business, industry, agriculture,

ACTIVITY - the partner is a distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge in watering systems (water supply, water purifications, wastewater treatment, water transportation) and contacts with municipalities, big water supply companies, agriculture (irrigation companies), sewage, desalination (sea water treatment), fire extinguishing in oil & gas facilities, mines.
ROLE - a partner under commercial agency agreement is expected to contact the corresponding companies, mentioned above, for representing them the company production and build strong connections for cooperation;
- a partner under distribution agreement is assumed to sell the company production to the local clientele, including the above mentioned organisations.

Advantages & innovations:

Innovative construction of air valve enables the advantages:

1) Effective stability under high abrasive conditions and in highly corrosive liquid environments.
2) Ability to release high capacities of air trapped in transmission systems under pressure results in efficient & full operation of the water stream and in less head loss and surge phenomena.
3) Combination of high capacity and compact structure, full protection of piping system and much easier handling & maintenance.
4) No premature closure, no air discharge at high flow rates.
5) Self-cleaning mechanism and reliable performance.
6) The properly selected, sized and placed on the pipeline (using the company proprietary software program)
bladder tanks and air valves improve the flow efficiency of the system and result in large savings in energy.

Air valve applied to wastewater is provided for special body materials and construction and thus:
1) enables total separation between the liquid and the sealing mechanism, so:
2) leads to optimal operation under harsh conditions,
3) prevents from spills and environmental pollution,
4) works in wastewater, sewage, brine, sea water & effluents and in pump stations for raw sewage, industry and refinery plants,
5) has low sealing point,
6) its relatively low silhouette allows for installation in manholes and in low places on municipal wastewater pipelines.

An innovative diaphragm-operated hydraulic control valve, which has excellent regulating abilities in a wide range of flow rates from drip (500 l/h) up to maximum flow, and is operational from low pressure up to 16 bar, shows:
1) highly reliable operation and durability over time,
2) quick-reaction operation,
3) rapid response to changes in flow rate,
4) reduces cavitation,
5) operates silently, with low head losses,
6) operates at wide range of connections: flanged, threaded and grooved,
7) is user-friendly, has simple mechanism and easy inline maintenance

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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