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Israeli company seeks partners for range of innovative design products (BOIL20171227001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 31/12/2017
Last updated: 17/01/2018
Fecha límite: 17/01/2019


An Israeli company specializing in home and garden design has developed and offers to market special products for babies and kids and for indoor and outdoor use. Advantages over those on the market include cost-efficiency, flexibility, universality, ease-in-use and delivery and high quality of the final products. The company is looking for franchising, distribution services and commercial agency agreements

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Franchise agency agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The company develops and produces a range of poufs, seating systems, baby accessories, outdoor products, bedding etc. Here they offer the products for babies & kids and for outdoor use. The products are of very high quality, comfortable, soft, not torn. The quality fabrics are stretchy and pleasant to touch and adapt to the human body shape. They are available in variety of sizes, colors and printing, made with a lining and removable washable cover. Besides, refilling of packs with polystyrene beads is available so one can keep his favorite products for many years.
The Baby series offers high quality products for mothers and babies. These are polystyrene filled products (e.g. breastfeeding pillow) or products made of stretchable fabrics only (such as offered fabric carriers). Since styrofoam beads get compressed (it's just their nature), the company store has a special beanbag refilling station and the service is free. One is asked to wash the cover before bringing it to the refilling station.
The products are made by new technological methods using unique blend of product components, stretched cotton and lycra fabric, with a lining and removable washable cover and quantified polystyrene beans. These are the offered products.
1.Support pillow for every need; on bean bag, sofa or bed, offered in various printed designs and colors. The pillow provides maximum comfort while nursing with a sense of great softness.
2.The colorful snake - unique accessory for children’s rooms. It provides great support to sit or lie, also serves as a fun toy. It may be combined with bean bag to make a sofa.
3. A high quality carefully designed baby carrier. It has only one simple method of tying around your body enabling four key positions for your baby. The positions vary according to the baby’s age.
4.A unique mini hammock is made of a single piece of stretchable fabric easy to assemble. It has 3 positions: sitting, standing, lying. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
5.Versatile shading system. Light, convenient & easy to assemble. Designed for use at the beach, picnic, garden, camping etc. The tent stretches up to 35% more than its initial size, fabricated from strong, high quality polyester fabric, waterproof and weather resistant. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
6.Pillow neck support is a perfect solution for long flights and trips or for a pain support posture. Made of stretched fabric available in various colours.
The company is an Israeli successful home & garden design and a household brand. The company was founded in 1997. Started as a small business and grew into a successful brand of 10 stores in Israel, five owned by them and five by franchisees, and several distributors around the world. The Factory and stores are in Israel.
The company is professional, keeps family spirit and innovative trends. Recently they have started working with a big DIY network of 700 stores. Their internet sales have doubled in last 2 years compared to the expected for 2017. The company policy to win on the market follows the principles of quality of sourced materials per specifications, systematic use of QA process, innovations, proactive flow of ideas, sensitive keeping to the market needs followed by leveraging new technologies.
The company is looking for the partners who would be able to provide: a)local presence for commercial, logistic and filling operations, b)establishing the company brand by formal registration and implementation, c)setting internet sales and social media, d)opening the company stores, e)addressing applicable modern retail, f)hybrid model. Interested in franchising, distribution services & commercial agency agreements.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -the partners are from -, business / trade, residential / household dealing companies

-specific area of expertise of the partner sought. –1)entrepreneurs, importers, a retail group that holds several brands – for franchising, 2) DIY-network, 3) distributor / agent / representative (companies), with experience/ knowledge and contacts in local community for household, design, baby & kids, consumer things, in-/ outdoor use and needs.

-the tasks that the partner sought would be expected to undertake - 1) to set up a distribution centre with on-site filling the bean bags coverings, 2) to find local customers (families, young parents, students)

Advantages & innovations:

- use of the product components blend, the stretched cotton & lycra fabric in inner / outer bags (cover) and
- specially developed technology for quantified filling the cover by polystyrene beans with envisaged customization
- and experience of being 20 years on the market
enable to:
1) manufacture products from the stretched fabric (thus, increase in the product length up to 35%, limited flexibility to correspond customer needs etc.),
2) customize the products according to requirements of their functioning,
3) produce final products easy to use, various in colors, printing, easy washable bag etc.
4) make the products cost-efficient as compared to those made of another fabric for the same functioning.

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