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An Israeli company has developed an innovative environmentally friendly insecticide and is looking for distributors (BOIL20171220002)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 28/12/2017
Last updated: 22/01/2018
Fecha límite: 22/01/2019


An Israeli company specializes in development of environmentally friendly pesticide substitute has developed an effective insecticide for use in greenhouses. Advantages over those on the market include its proven performance, non-toxicity, spray ability on any surface, solvent-free, water resistance and cost-efficiency. The targeted partners are distributors and farmers. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli leading adhesion solutions company was established in 1938. Since then the company has been serving a wide variety of industries and continues to grow its business in and out of Israel.
The company develops, manufactures and markets a variety of polymer formulations in the fields of adhesion. They built their reputation by providing their clients with tailor-made solutions for exact and unique needs. The company operates four product lines in the fields of: industrial adhesives, pesticide-free pests control, technical textile resins and bicycle sealants and accessories.
In their agriculture products line the company is focusing on the farmer interests. They look to maximize the value to the end-user by offering effective, safe, easy-to-use products. They succeeded in the development of high effective and environmentally friendly innovative products
The company has developed and is offering to the market an environmentally friendly non-pesticide pest control product, which supports recent and continued trend of reducing (up to forbidding) the use of pesticides.
1.A flying insects pest control – a material that can be sprayed on any surface type. It is developed for use in agricultural industry, especially in greenhouses. Flying insects are attracted to the material and stick to it. Controlled tests have shown a more than 10 times reduction in amount of flying insects in and larva in greenhouses. The product is water-based and presents no risk to people, animals, plants or soil. The product is safe for use in green and net houses and in livestock facilities (dairy farms, stables, chicken coops, cowsheds, etc). Main characteristics of the product include:
A) it is sprayable on a wide range of substrates. Therefore it is easy to apply to nylon (or other) sheets placed in greenhouses. Also, a product can be re-applied to used sheets with no need for replacement.
B) the product can be customized to be yellow or blue in colour therefore effective to the wide variety of flying insects. Also, the product can be sprayed on any colour of substrate as it carried its own colour.
C) the product remains effective when wetted by watering and irrigation. It is safe for non-controlled discard so the used product covered sheets can be discarded according to the sheets discarding instructions.
2. A patent pending product for preventing ants to climb on trees by creating a climbing barrier on the tree ants will not cross. The product is safe to tree, humans, animals, soil and even the ants. The product is applied directly on a tree and remains effective for 6 months.
The company operates out of its facility in the center of Israel and sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company is interested in locating distributors in Asian countries where there are greenhouses with export growth. They need there a distributor familiar to farmers - who grow in greenhouses, know how to keep inventory and make imports - as well as gives training. The company is ready to assist appropriate countries in Asia where they would have strong relationships. They are looking for distributor services agreement concerning non-pesticides pest control.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - agricultural, business, trade companies

-ACTIVITY. - distributor (companies) with experience / knowledge in agricultural aspects and contacts in agricultural community (greenhouses, farming) distributors of pesticide substitutes and equipment for farmers; farmers – for direct cooperation.

-ROLE - to find local partners.

Advantages & innovations:

Innovative developed formulations for non-pesticide pests control with the following advantages:
-proven performance to reduce the presence of flying insects (more than 10 times reduction in amount of flying insects and larva in greenhouses),
-environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe-for-use pesticide substitute,
-material that can be sprayed on any surface type,
-water-based product (the only one, which is solvent-free, but still offers top performance),
-water / wash resistant – means, it stays effective for a long period of 3-6 months and is not affected by rain or watering,
-cost-efficiency: at the decreased effectiveness the product can be reapplied on the same substrate.

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