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Israeli company specializing in development, manufacturing and installation of security doors with innovative keyless locks with RFID and fingerprint recognition capabilities is looking for distributors and professional end users (BOIL20171214001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 12/04/2018
Last updated: 29/05/2018
Fecha límite: 30/05/2019


The Israeli company specializes in development, production and installation of indoor and outdoor metal security doors in various designs equipped with keyless locks with keypads, fingerprint recognition, RFID, wireless, internet connection and remote control functionality. Also offering public lockers equipped with same innovative locks. Looking to sign distribution agreements with distributors, installers and maintainers, as well as subcontracting agreements with professional end-users.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Subcontracting

Descripción completa

From its establishment in 1981, the Israeli company has developed from a small company that manufactured one standard door, into an international company that markets its products in around 20 countries from Russia in the East to Canada and Mexico in the West.

The company's new and modern plant, on a built-up area of more than 12,000 meters in the industrial section of Kiryat Gat, is the largest plant of its kind in Israel.

The company is ready to offer a turnkey security solution for its customer, including development and choice of best matching locking systems, production of doors with keyless locks, final installation and fine tuning of PACS (Physical Access Control System) infrastructure.

Company is also producing public lockers or cabinet locks equipped with the same variety of keyless locks.
Company is also ready to supply its security doors with ordinary locks.

Specifications of the security doors produced by the company are the following:
- 14 mm. bolts with a 25 mm. penetration depth into frame,
- fortified thermal and acoustic insulation,
- improved rimlocks,
- high resistance to climatic conditions.

1.The door series are the following:
a. Outdoor doors (6 main types):
- Features modern design, is made of steel and covered by either oven-painted steel elements or natural aluminum surface.
- European classical design with decorative aluminium elements, latticed windows, electrostatic painted
finishes, in a wide range of shades of granular epoxy paints.
- Has elements created by a blacksmith-artist
and painted in a special technique that gives the
doors an antique look.
- Door available in various colors and finishes with electrostatic painting in granular epoxy paints.
- Decorative PVC coverings.
- A fire-proof door with fire resistant filling, fire resistant glass lite, galvanized steel construction frame.

b. Interior (interior) doors:
- Indoor, may have various decorative finishing, have thermal-acoustic insulation, and are low-weight and easy to install.

2.The innovative keyless locks installed into the company’s doors are the following:
a. Electronic hotel locks. Available in various designs, all of which sharing following features:
- 13,56MHz Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for contactless access with keycard or other carriers compatible with ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE) standard,
-Operate with a completely sealed contactless module.

b. Electronic residential locks allowing following identification methods :
- Fingerprint sensors,
- RF (radio frequency) key card,
- Touchpad for a security code input,
- Bluetooth unlock from a pared smart phone,
- Wireless Internet connectivity and the the smart phone application tracking opening/closing/authorization/failed authorization,

It also may have:
-Automatic locking system that locks the door after a predefined period of time,
-Automatic door closers and openers.
-Some of the company’s locks may be easily installed into any door by replacing the existing cylinder.

3.Electronic hotel and residential safes that feature:
- RFID identification technology,
- Smart button keys.

4.Electronic lockers with:
- RFID identification technology,
- Facial recognition technology.

The company is looking for partners that have already well set up at their local markets and will be able to widely proliferate company's products.
Partner may be a distribution company or a door installation accompany that has capability to maintain companies, safes, lockers and locking systems. Company is looking to sign distribution agreements with such partners.

Company is also looking for end users (form hospitality, transportation industry, developers and others) to offer them all range of its products. Planning to sign subcontracting agreements with them.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Company is primarily looking for two types of partners:
1. Professional distributors of doors, locks, safes, lockers who have an existing marketing set-up in the territory in which they operate and will also be able to offer its end customers services in door and locking system installation and maintenance.
2. Professional end users who can be directly supplied with the turnkey solution: production of doors (safes, lockers) with selected locking systems out of the company’s product range according to their specification, installation of doors on site, fine tuning of the electronic infrastructure of locks.

Advantages & innovations:

Company's doors have the following major advantages:
- have various design solutions,
- have stiffeners to reinforce the structure of the door wing,
- have galvanized steel covers to resist corrosion,
- can be fire-resistant.

Company’s keyless locks that are installed into doors, safes and lockers have the following major advantages:
-offer various kinds of keyless access while some of them may be combined: RFID, fingerprint, Bluetooth, touchpad,
-can easily replace existing locks by replacing cylinders (for doors only).

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