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An Israeli company offers innovative straw holder for aerosol packaging and is looking for distributors. (BOIL20171213001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 14/12/2017
Last updated: 11/01/2018
Fecha límite: 11/01/2019


An Israeli company has developed an effective solution for aerosol spray users. It is a straw holder for aerosol packaging / cans / containers to replace the standard adhesive tape. It looks like a small add-on integrated in the aerosol production line, which could be easily installed by end-user as an accessory. Target partners are aerosol branders, automotive/industrial aerosols dealers, DIY network etc. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution services and license agreements

Partnership(s) sought

  • License agreement Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The offering company is privately owned, it is established in Israel in 2017. The company has strong background in product development and manufacturing. The company is willing to provide universal solutions that would enhance professionalism & efficiency at work. The company tries to deliver its solutions with high added value to customers and end-users. They try to implement these principles when developing novel products.
No need to explain the widespread use of aerosols as means to cover surface for the sake of its protection. To enhance aerosol performance, the manufacturers ensure aerosol packaging with the ability to focus spraying into deep holes and crevices and on delicate surfaces. The straw is an accessory that allows this focusing. So, the traditional method is to affix the straw onto container by adhesive tape. This causes straw loss without ability to reuse it. The adhesive tape itself is also weakened by the chemicals that remain in the straw. The other solutions might be a built-in tube that opens and folds (very thick) or a tube that dresses on the cap (takes up space in store). But the traditional method is still widely used and requires a solution. While the adhesive strip lost its functionality quite rapidly, the straw was easily misplaced or lost, affecting the spray’s own benefit. Actually except the built-in straw, all other solutions are partial, without cost-effective result and straw is still lost.
The company offers to the market a universal solution suitable to all brands and manufacturers, - a lightweight and user-friendly holder to attach a tube/straw to aerosol container. This only solution is a companion and not a structured-in product, it does not change the aerosol cans’ functional design, ensures that the straw is always at hand and ready for use. The solution keeps aerosol packaging efficient at work and provides its essential functionality. The holder reduces direct cost of lost straws, saves time and money to look for a straw and/or replace it. Being made of a hard plastic material of excellent properties, it shows good resistance to environmental conditions, chemicals and heat,
maintains its shape and functionality for time. The holder is supplied with a double-sided adhesive pad either already attached to it or separately, according to customer requires.
For the offered product the company is searching partners in the field of assembly, automotive industry, auto sprays, chemical industry for automotive (aerosol brands / contract packaging / aerosol fillers) and for weapons (oils, silicones, chemicals). The company wants to expand its product use via entering new markets and is planning to do that via representatives in other countries under commercial agency agreement , distribution services agreement (distributors are needed to sell its products) and license agreement where the company cooperates with industries / retailers offering them a license for its products. The company is intended also to interact with DIY (do-it-yourself) network and with B2B/B2C online commerce.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: The holder must be attached to a clean surface free of any fat spots.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: TYPE - business, service organizations, industry
a)- industrial/ automotive aerosol manufacturers;
-aerosol fillers applied to automotive and for weapons service;
-chemical manufactures applied to aerosol filling.
b) chemical plants for aerosol manufacturing,
c) the do-it-yourself networks
d) associations of aerosol manufacturers
Under commercial agency agreement – the partner is expected to represent the company in his country, to locate customers and interact with aerosol branders/fillers, contract packaging, DIY (do-it-yourself) network in order to get them as customers;
under distribution services agreement – the partner is expected to distribute the company products;
under license agreement – the industrial partner is expected to integrate the offered product into its product line (under their trademark or else)

Advantages & innovations:

Innovative straw holder and means of implementation allow the following advantages:
1.universality (suitable to all brands and manufacturers)
2.a lightweight product effect on the aerosol cans’ functional design
4.extremal cost-efficiency:
- the straw is always at hand, ready for use, so
- aerosol packaging is efficient at work
- reduction in the direct cost of lost straws,
- saving time and money to find/replace a straw,
- high resistant to environmental conditions, chemicals and heat,
- high reliability (maintains its shape and functionality over time).

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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