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An Israeli chemo-pharmaceutical company specializes in drug products and medical devices development, manufacturing & commercialization and is looking for commercial agency agreement (BOIL20171211001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 14/12/2017
Last updated: 08/01/2018
Fecha límite: 08/01/2019


An Israeli company develops and produces pharmaceutical products, from initial stages to commercial launch, as well as develops medical products (& devices) that are made of chemical components. Advantages over those on the market include flexibility in time scale, innovation in carrying out the processes and competitive prices. The company is looking for commercial agency, joint venture & financial agreements.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Financial agreement Commercial agency agreement Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company works in two directions.
1). Chemical ways (by means of chemicals) to develop and produce pharmaceutical products, from initial stages through clinical steps to commercial launch. The company enables other firms (biotech, pharma and medical equipment) to provide wide range of services, starting from customized chemical synthesis, pharma R&D, formulation development, clinical production (GMP), (bio)analytical service. The company has developed more than 70 various innovative products and produced more than 100. Approx. 15% of the company's customers are foreign ones. The company's products meet the requirements of the FDA international and the European standards.
2). Recently the company has established innovation centre, with an accelerator to develop cannabis-based products (licensed) and a venture to produce raw materials for cannabis products under GMP. The firms interested to develop medical products based on cannabis, but do not have the license / the know-how, turn to the company and it serves them.
As for competitors, in Israel the company is the only one to provide the full service process, the other firms can provide the specific parts of service only. Overseas those are mostly very large companies.
The company is currently under change in its business model and operates in two channels: a)working under service agreements (as they have done by today), b)partnership in product development.
Besides, the company searches the firms wishing to invest in accelerator centre or in mother company. As a rule, the company performs fully integrated drug development and manufacturing services under outsourcing contract. They provide firms with high-quality, cost-effective, reliable and integrated chemo-pharma solutions. They focus on both aspects - pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
In fact, the company is a CDMO (contract development & manufacturing organization). What service are they offering and what type of clients for?
A)Start-ups and pharmaceutical companies. Start-ups come with an idea, and the company develops the product according to the idea. In view of start-ups, it is difficult, expensive, unjustified (and requires facilities) for startups to produce the product themselves. So they turn to the company who knows how to turn their idea into a product. The company knows to develop special things, to search special materials and to explore special phenomena. The company provides services to about 50% of start-ups in Israel as well as to big pharmaceutical companies. There is no company in Israel that provides the entire range of service.
B)Foreign customers: i)the firms who wish to skip the process of issuing work permits with cannabis in their countries resort to the company’s help and work in laboratories under its supervision and license, ii)the firms who wish to conduct clinical trials but, for various regulatory reasons, cannot do it in their countries. The company arrives, performs and carries out the experiments with them. iii)Industrial or business firms in need for certain product to develop. According to the ordered parameters & properties, the company makes formulations, the following analysis, synthesis (medicinal chemistry) and leads the process of manufacturing. The company gives multidimensional service and may act under various cooperation types. Those might be, e.g. a)commercial agency - to represent the company, find local customers; b) joint venture with industrial companies, academy in pharma, cosmetics, medicine for chemical development of the required drug products, medical devices, cannabis-based products; the aim is - the company has a project and is looking for a partner in frame of joint venture; c)financial agreements with companies & governmental agencies - to invest in the projects of desired products.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: TYPE - industry, academy, business, governmental offices
ACTIVITY – a) industry – chemical, pharma, cosmetic, medical, academy, start-ups in the same fields, b) commercial agencies, representatives, business / trade companies with experience / knowledge in the same fields, c) governmental offices with their programmes in corresponding fields.
ROLE - 1) to locate foreign start-ups, industry, academy who would like to embody their ideas via the company service - under commercial agency agreement or joint venture agreement.
2) to locate investors, start-ups etc. that would participate in the accelerator projects system - under commercial agency agreement and financial agreement,
3) to locate foreign companies for cooperation in development of cannabis-based products - under joint venture agreement and financial agreement
4) to contact governmental offices authorized in the appropriate development programmes to fund the corresponding developments - under commercial agency agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

Company is known by innovative approaches and following advantages:
1. Flexibility in both timetable (fast performance) and the transition from one development process to another.
2. More competitive price than some of the world's competitors.
3. Ability to provide the entire range of service for the whole development & manufacturing / delivery process with no outside help.
4. In the field of cannabis-based products - the unique venture Company started; there are currently only two companies that manufacture raw materials for cannabis-based products in GMP.

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