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An Israeli leading fashion retailer is looking for franchisees (BOIL20171202001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 18/01/2018
Last updated: 14/02/2018
Fecha límite: 14/02/2019


An Israeli company designs, manufactures and markets apparel & accessories under several brands. They have many franchises in over 12 countries and regions. Along the years, the company became the Israeli franchisee of many international brands. Advantage is in good conditions for partners the company gives in franchise cooperation. The targeted partners are fashion & consumer goods companies, wholesalers, department stores etc. It is looking for franchising agreement

Partnership(s) sought

  • Franchise agency agreement

Descripción completa

The company is known for exclusive features of design & high quality. They have a special design department with professional graphic designers & patternmakers.
The company design team analyzes selling, attends fashion exhibitions across the globe, takes research trips and keeps updated in international fashion websites. So the company gets informed on upcoming fabrics, colors, silhouettes and trends of the modern fashion world. The materials are then adapted and redesigned to match Company spirit and philosophy. A unique style and a distinctive marketing approach result in new company products.
Today the company operates via real estate, marketing, distribution. They have broad deep knowledge of the Israeli market; have experience in doing retail business in both local and international markets, professional and creative design teams. Company is able to maximize turnover and profit per sq. meter, possesses strong and stable logistic operational platforms, which service and ship merchandise, nationwide and worldwide, based on advanced logistic facilities, in both Israel and China. The company is extremely successful in advertising and PR platforms.
Although Israeli fashion market is of the most competitive & dynamic, the company continues to maintain its status as largest clothing & fashion chain in the global market with approximately 130 points of sale in 12 countries worldwide and more is yet to come.
The company cooperates with key global players in fashion field; currently they are interested and working at locating franchisees in European markets, in general, and in Eastern Europe in particular, referring to work with the similar (groups of) companies in these countries (in retail, fashion, familiarity with the local markets, shopping malls management, etc.).
The company is looking for cooperation under franchise agreement type and provides favorable conditions for this.
The company gives consulting support in all phases of shop operation, right to use the company trademarks and to sell famous business model for efficient use of investments, stable partnership and business platform based on retail experience, equal conditions in network, expertise in design and shop architecture, marketing materials free of charge, business platform, training of merchandising etc.
At this stage, the company is interested in locating key players that can meet the following definitions:
1.Consumer goods companies that have a profile of international brands from the textile and clothing sector (but not only)
2.Fashion companies with a brand or brands that may be interested in franchising and opening their shop under the company brand.
3.Large wholesalers recognized in the industry.
4.Wholesalers who sell to online stores.
5.A chain of department stores that may be interested in opening "Corner".

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: 1. TYPE - business, trade in textile and clothing sector, but not only.
a)Consumer goods companies that have a profile of international brands.
b)Fashion companies with a brand (-s) that may be interested in franchising agreement.
c)Wholesalers recognized in the industry.
d)Those who sell to online stores.
e)Chains of departments stores interested in opening “corners”.
f)Retailers and private business stores ready to conclude franchising agreement.
3. ROLE - having experience / knowledge in the field, they are expected to find local customers and ways to develop the company brand in the domestic markets.

Advantages & innovations:

1.A leading fashion retailer in Israel with strong and stable financial resources, with the most sophisticated advanced logistic centers in Israel, taking care of the consolidation of the containers and the preparation of all shipments. The merchandise is shipped directly from country of origin at FOB (free on board, Incoterms) price.
2.The company is an Israeli franchisee of world fashion leading brands, has the license to operate world fashion leader’s stores in the big country, has over 560 stores spread across approx. 110,000 sqm. The company has the biggest apparel retail loyalty club in Israel with over 1.35M members.
3.Having a world famous company's international license, the company provides international royalties without any charge from the franchisee.
4.The company lets good profitability for partners in franchise cooperation: ability to maximize turnover and profit per sq. meter, strong and stable logistic and PR operational platforms etc.
5.The company provides all marketing "soft" materials.
a)Guidelines of store set visual set-up are also regularly provided to the franchisees, so that they know how to arrange the shops and what merchandise to push forward.
b) Showroom - franchisees are invited to attend the company showroom in Israel twice a year (spring-summer/fall-winter). During the showroom, collections of the following year are presented in detail and the franchisees have all the time and means to decide what items they want to have in their shops, according to their local markets.
c)On-line order system – the company provides an access to an online order system, easy to operate, in which the franchisee enters his order and can follow any order at any time.
6.The company products are universal for use, developed in a flexible manner, oriented for local markets and have unique design, due to professional and creative design teams. The products are of comparatively not high prices combined with high quality.


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