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Competitive clover seeds in use as animal feed, green manure & Mixes. Looking for representatives abroad (BOIL20171126001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 05/12/2017
Last updated: 22/12/2017
Fecha límite: 22/12/2018


An Israeli agricultural company specializes in producing & marketing seeds and offers berseem clover seeds (BCS) to use for animal feed, green manure & Mixes and to advance "Green Agriculture" as means preventing from bad weeds and enriching the soil with nitrogen. Advantages over those on the market include universality of using parameters (weather/soil type), preventing the soil from erosion, cost-efficiency for user. Looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

The company offers to the market a product - the berseem clover seeds (BCS) accompanied with agricultural guidance support.
Clover seeds (BCS) can thrive in most soils (from sandy loams to clay) and the weather conditions that range from full sun to partial shade. It needs to receive 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day.
- Harvest for hay forage is in 120-130 days,
- can be used as green manure 45 to 60 days from sowing you can plough and enrich the soil.
For machine sowing you need 30 to 50 KG clover seeds per hectare. It can be used as green manure, as forage or in Mixes.
The new developed product possesses many advantages:
- The BCS are certified and comply with international standards, OECD, ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) and VESKOF,
- Earliness –they show a substantial biomass build up. In a very short time the plants cover the ground rapidly and prevent bad weed from growing extensively,
-It is a single-cut annual plant,
-the clover is functioning as an organic fertilizer. It results in less pollution to the ground water and to the soil,
- are suitable for mix of seeds,
- the plants cause soil conservation – due to their root depth 60-70cm, they prevent from soil erosion in places prone, as compared to the other plants.
- suit to a wide range of soil types
- are salt tolerant – suitable for coast areas,
- give high hay yield at 400-500 mm rain,
- over 7 tons of dry matter per hectare,
- show high protein content – 18-25 % dry material,
- result in green manure – after 40-50 days you plough it to the ground,
- may be used for honey production – good pollinator
Working method with clover as a part of a mix:
1.Creates quick Biomass and prevent bad weeds in Rape fields.
2.Because of sensitivity to below zero temp creates a clear of weed field after snow melt down
3.Because of its ability to lock nitrogen from the air it enriches the soil and cut costs of fertilizers
4.All of the above cut costs to the farmer and promotes green agriculture
Facts about the company:
An Israeli seed and agriculture company was established in 1952. The company specializes in cultivation production and marketing of seeds worldwide. Their main activity is breeding,
producing and marketing seeds. They currently market vegetables, clover and wheat seeds worldwide. The company provides agricultural guidance and commits to a top quality seeds.
The company is famous for their BCS development and has already experience with International cooperation. They are the variety maintainer and registrar for the particular BCS.
The company has skilled and experienced veteran personnel - agronomists with agricultural and life sciences education. The company possesses a plant for processing raw material into
finished product, machinery for operating seed sorting, cleaning & treatment capacity of 3500 tons of finished product. The company has a farm of open field, greenhouses, an
Irrigation system covering all the area, ready-controlled by main irrigation computer. The company is looking for representatives / distributors of clover seeds under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: The specific requirements would be supplied in form of agricultural guidelines to the product treatment process
- Specific area of activity of the partner: type of the partner sought - business organisation;

A partner should either have experience with marketing seeds to farmers or be involved in producing and marketing seeds as animal feeds. Desirable that he comes from the seeds and agricultural industry or from the animal (such as herds of cattle) feed industry

Role of the partner sought - To represent the company, sell its products, looking for clients. In the case of a new market a partner should be able to put together a trial with farmers and give the company reports so that they know how to assist a client and proceed to commercial relations.

Advantages & innovations:

Innovative technology for breeding BCS provides them for many advantages. Main of them include:
-universality - compliance with the most severe international standards, OECD & ISTA (International Seed Testing Association), VESKOF,
-care for the environment - the clover seeds qualities are as an intercrop, enrich the soil by locking nitrogen to the soil and prevent bad seeds from developing.
-cost efficiency for a customer - reducing the farmer expenses on fertilizers and herbicides,
- earliness – Substantial Biomass build up in a very short time,
- single cut annual plant,
- preventing the soil from erosion in places prone
- suitability to a wide range of soil types
- good pollinator thus, e.g., allowing honey production

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