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An Israeli manufacturer of steel products utilizable in various industries looks for distribution, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements in Africa (BOIL20171031001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 06/11/2017
Last updated: 11/01/2018
Fecha límite: 11/01/2019


An Israeli company, a pioneer of Israel´s industrialization, has shaped its planning, production and assembly methods of manufacturing steel products to a position of a worldwide supplier. Today, company's products are used in various industries like agriculture, construction, sport, cooling, energy, security and more. The company is looking to conduct steel structures in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya for logistics centers and is looking for distribution, manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

Partnership(s) sought

  • Manufacturing agreement Distribution services agreement Subcontracting

Descripción completa

The company's offices and factories in Israel are extended over a large area and include modern production facilities which enable independent implementation and logistic capabilities for all the company's various requirements.
The company is a registered contractor for the production and assembly of Israeli products, with ISO 9001 qualification on behalf of the Israeli Standards Institute and is also qualified as a verified contractor by some of the country's largest professional bodies.
The company produces and markets the following products:
1. Rolled metal sheets for covering and protection in various shapes, colours and sizes.
2. Rolled metal sheets with deep waves for casting floors/roofs.
3. Flat galvanized/painted metal sheets according to order.
4. Sheet metal and dressings (FLASHONG) according to order.
5. "Z" and "C" cross section girders in various thickness and sizes.

Company is seeking partners in namely Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.
Company is willing to penetrate steel markets of those countries by cooperating with local distributor or by supplying steel structures to local contractors, who were engaged in construction projects.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Company is looking for partners in construction industry.

Partner: local African distributor.
Role of the partner: under distribution agreement distribute company's steel products on local markets.

Partner: local African manufacturer of steel structure elements
Role of the company: under manufacturing agreement company is looking to manufacture steel constructions locally in Israel and supply them to African partners.

Partner: local African contractor
Role of the company: under subcontracting agreement company is willing to supply steel structures to African contractors

Advantages & innovations:

The company has a rich and proven experience in implementing projects, of all sizes, up to 40,000 square meters in Israel as well as abroad, including providing administrative and assembly teams abroad.

The company's quality system acts according to a system of regulations, work instructions and specifications. This is a dynamic system and it changes according to the development of the different company products.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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