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Israeli global IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) company that develops and manufactures clinical diagnostic tests and offers bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical companies is looking for distributors and other types of cooperation. (BOIL20171026001)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 26/10/2017
Last updated: 03/01/2018
Fecha límite: 03/01/2019


A leading Israeli company develops high quality diagnostic kits for detection of infectious diseases and genetic screening. The company also provides glycoanalysis services for pharma companies and biotech sector, covering assay development, contract manufacturing and logistics, quality assurance, regulatory affairs consulting.
The company is seeking distributors as well as pharmaceutical, drug, start-up companies, contract manufacturers for outsourcing and signing service agreements.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement Distribution services agreement Outsourcing agreement

Descripción completa

The Israeli company has a 30+ years of experience in development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality diagnostic kits and systems for the detection of infectious diseases and genetic screening, operating internationally.

The company's tests are based upon various immunological and molecular techniques [micro Arrays, RT-PCR( reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction), ELISA(enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), MIF(migration inhibitory factor), IPA(interpretative phenomenological analysis), lateral flow etc]. Glyco analysis services are offered by the company.

The company possesses the unique “know how” of manufacturing quality core biological products (antigens, antibodies, and reagents for molecular diagnostics) while using cutting edge technology to manufacture the products to the highest standards that laboratories and research institutions have come to depend upon.
The vast majority of the company’s products are developed by its experienced and skilled research and development (R&D) team who maintain close relationships with international key opinion leaders and academic institutions. Building on their innovative R&D capabilities, the company has recently introduced the novel bench-top microarray system which enables fully automated high throughput testing of DNA/RN (deoxyribonucleic acid/ribonucleic acid).
The company's product lines can be categorized according to areas of disease diagnosis:
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Respiratory tract infections
• Gastrointestinal pathogens
• Drug-resistant hospital acquired infections
• Genetic carriers screening
• Urinary tract infections
• Women’s health
The company also provides various analytical services through its analytical unit which is operated by a team of experts in analytical biochemistry and glycoanalysis. The unit is GMP (good manufacturing practice)-certified as required by the International conference on harmonization (ICH) for active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company's analytical services include:
• N-link glycan analysis by HPLC (High pressure/performance liquid chromatography).
• O-link glycan analysis by HPLC (High pressure/performance liquid chromatography).
• Profiling and quantitative analysis of sialic acid.
• Quantitative monosaccharaides analysis.
• Other protein chemistry analyses include (but are not limited to) oxidation, deamination,
• Di-sulfide bond charge variant and size exclusion analyses.
• Peptide mapping and identity assessments.

The company's analytical unit complements the wide range of services offered to the pharma, biotech, IVD (in vitro diagnostics) and the life sciences communities. These services include assay development, contract manufacturing and logistics, as well as quality assurance consulting.

The company is seeking to expand its distribution network for its immunoassay lines, its molecular assays and analytical service, in order to bring the product to laboratories all over the world.

In addition, the company is looking for cooperation with drug manufacturing companies or CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations) that are developing, or have developed a glycoprotein-based drug (or biosimilar), that are interested to source external glycoanalysis services for active pharmaceutical ingredients through service and outsourcing agreements.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is seeking to expand its distribution network in selected countries and therefore is looking for a distributor to cooperate through a distribution agreement.
For its immunoassay lines: in Latin America, South East Asia, Scandinavia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Canada.
For its molecular assays: globally (excluding USA and Israel)

The company is also seeking partners (pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, drug manufacturers) to sign outsourcing and service agreements.
Specifically, the company is seeking to collaborate with companies that have developed a glycoprotein-based drug (e.g., Immunoglobulin G (IgG), growth hormone, etc.).
Such molecules can be in early stage of development (i.e., during clone selection) or at later stages of development or manufacturing (i.e., in-process quality control, and batch to batch variability testing).

Advantages & innovations:

- The company is accredited with the highest international quality standards of research, development and manufacture, including ISO 13485.
- The company’s products are all CE-IVD certified and those products sold in the USA and China are FDA (USA food and drug administration) and CFDA (China food and drug administration) approved, respectively.
- The company offers a complete solution of analytical services offered to the pharma, biotech, IVD and the life sciences communities, covering assay development, contract manufacturing and logistics, as well as QA (quality assurance) and RA (regulatory affairs) consulting.
-Company' s R&D team collaborates with key opinion leaders and research institutions, while possessing a number of "know how" in production of core biological products.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Secret Know-how

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