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Cannabinoid based drug developer seeking to partner with researchers and other drug developers of the same field (BOIL20170726002)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 26/07/2017
Last updated: 31/07/2018
Fecha límite: 10/02/2019


Based in Israel, this company has pioneered the medical cannabis industry since 2007. Together with partners from the medical and research industry including Israel’s leading hospitals, medical professionals, and clinical research organizations, the company has developed a unique ecosystem. With commercial scale production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, this company offers researchers and pharmaceutical companies a platform to conduct clinical trials in Israel on cannabinoid based drugs.

Partnership(s) sought

  • License agreement Manufacturing agreement Subcontracting Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

This company has pioneered the creation of the medical cannabis industry in Israel since 2007. It sources 99% pure pharma grade CBD, THC, and other active ingredients from its own organic GAP certified growing facilities. Working in conjunction with Israel’s Ministry of Health and under government license, the company serves thousands of patients, doctors, HMOs, and hospitals providing cannabis based medical products and cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). As a full service contract manufacturer, the company produces formulations for clinical research and white label services for the pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and cosmetics industries.

The company has joined forces with key players to create a unique platform for the development of cannabinoid based drugs. Leveraging Israel’s advanced drug development ecosystem and a friendly regulatory environment, the company is conducting FDA approved clinical trials for multiple indications and offers the same opportunity to researchers and drug development companies. It produces APIs in a cGMP compliant facility and provides formulations combined with sophisticated drug delivery systems. The company has developed a streamlined, highly cost effective process for launching and conducting clinical trials in Israel’s world leading hospitals. Along with cGMP, other notable certification standards achieved are ISO and GAP.

The company is looking to facilitate drug development through providing pharma level formulations, placebos, knowledge, and access to Israel's friendly regulatory environment.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Seeking partnership with researchers and drug development companies interested in commercializing cannabinoid based drugs. Israel’s friendly regulatory environment has fostered a unique ecosystem that enables conducting FDA approved clinical trials on cannabinoid drugs in leading medical centers. The company is looking to facilitate drug development through providing formulations, knowledge, and access to this ecosystem. Able to provide partners with their own IP for various indications or work with the developer’s formulation. Willing to work with companies of all sizes, as well as individual researchers.

Advantages & innovations:

This is one of the few GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharma compliant manufacturers worldwide with commercial production capacity of cannabinoid APIs (Application program interface) and finished products.
The company sources high quality raw material from its own organic, giving it full control over the supply chain.
The company provides 99% pure cannabinoids, including CBD(Cannabidiol), THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), CBC(Cannabichromene), CBG(Cannabigerol), and CBN(Cannabinol), to supply commercial, clinical, and research entities.

The company is developing unique and innovative patentable formulations based on a technology platform that enables five to tenfold reduction in the cost of finished products as compared to competitors.
Together with other players, the company has introduced a unique ecosystem for conducting FDA(Food and Drug Administration) approved phase I and II clinical trials in Israel’s leading hospitals - This framework is one of the few pathways available to researchers developing cannabinoid based therapies and represents a breakthrough in the bottleneck of clinical trials held up by the highly limited availability of cannabinoid API production capacity.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The company has a small but growing clientele of researchers and pharmaceutical companies that are taking advantage of the unique platform to advance their cannabinoid based drug development objectives.

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