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An Israeli company has developed an innovative method for teaching geometry through art of origami and seeks distributors/agents of digital educational material to bring to schools internationally (BOIL20170711001)


Business partnering opportunity 
Created: 11/07/2017
Last updated: 11/08/2017
Fecha límite: 11/08/2018


An Israeli company has developed a complete online program to provide the tools and lesson plans needed to teach geometry through Origami to pre-school through grade 6 pupils. The program is already in use in 25 schools and is expected to be in use by over 100 Israeli schools this coming year. In order to launch the program in the international school market, distributors/agents of digital educational material or specifically companies involved in marketing online math programs are sought.

Partnership(s) sought

  • License agreement Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

An Israeli company, founded by internationally renowned origami experts, developed this program after realizing that origami can assist children to grasp the difficult concepts of geometry. The complete online program provides the tools and lesson plans needed to teach geometry through the art and science of origami to pre-school through grade six children.
The educational program has just been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education as a recognized digital educational tool eligible for purchase by schools within their approved basket of digital products and is thus part of the math curriculum.
The program is already in use in 25 schools in Israel, and with its acceptance by the Ministry, is expected to be purchased by 100 additional schools this coming year. Over 300 grade school math teachers and 200 kindergarten teachers have already participated in the training course for classroom use.
Many children have difficulty learning geometry, conceptually and spatially grasping the concepts that are studied as evidenced by International Standardized tests. By using the art of origami to teach geometry, this innovative Israeli company has found a way to give a tool to any teacher of math to give children a way to understand, and like (if not love!) learning geometry.
Simple, fun, motivational origami models - such as a heart or rabbit - are taught with animations that break down the model into a series of very easy-to-follow steps. At each step, the teacher and students analyse the folded paper and discuss the occurrence of a topic of geometry - such as symmetry, or the triangle family or area - before another step is screened and the folded paper is again analysed by the class. The teacher needs no prior knowledge or experience with origami to run the animations and guide the discussions.
The company has prepared the innovative and easy to follow online program to aid teachers to teach the program to their kindergarten through grade 6 pupils. The e-learning site is easy to use and the hands-on lessons fascinate the students. The online lessons combine paper folding together with geometric research, developing geometric thinking and transforming geometry into an experiential, creative, favourite class!
The program has transformed the hitherto precise Japanese art of origami into a learning tool that any student of any age and ability can participate in. Studies have found the program to be particularly effective among disadvantaged populations and students with learning difficulties.

Possible cooperation types with the Israeli company could be a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement, and a license agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking to expand to international markets, and seeks agents/distributors of digital educational material, specifically math programs, for strategic partnerships and/or commercial agreements. The company is specifically looking for agents/distributors that can reach innovative schools/teachers interested in being early adopters of the program, to receive special guidance and to serve as pilot sites for other schools in their region. In addition, local organizations connected to local Ministries of Education that can promote the program are sought for collaboration.

Advantages & innovations:

• The program gives children a way to understand, and like (if not love!) learning geometry.
• The difficult topics in geometry are translated into easy to visualize and conceptualize origami creations. The step by step process encourages the class to discuss and understand the geometric topics.
• The activities are fully tailored to the mathematics curriculum.
• The innovative and easy to follow online program features animated instructions on each step of the fold in a dynamic demonstration.
• Teachers do not need any prior knowledge or experience with origami to teach the program. The online program provides all of the necessary training. The site takes you hand in hand, enabling you to confidently lead the class.
• There are no similar programs available for either individuals or classrooms.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The product is fully available for the Israeli market, and a limited number of lessons (sufficient for the first year of the program in a school) are translated into English and available for international use. Additional translations (e.g. Spanish) are in progress and can be made available as soon as needed. Translations into other languages will be done as needed, under the close supervision of the Israeli company, as the translations need to be done by math/origami knowledgeable individuals in order to capture the essence of the program.


Patents granted

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