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Israeli wind (small vertical axis and large wind turbine enhancers) and hydro (in-pipe and in river/tide) technologies provider looks for representatives and distributors (BOIL20170327001)


Business partnering opportunity 
Created: 28/03/2017
Last updated: 10/07/2017
Fecha límite: 10/07/2018


Israeli company offers innovative early stage products in renewable energy:(1)unique small wind turbines for rooftops and other locations;(2)technology for increasing power output of large wind turbines in wind farms by 30-40%;(3)in-pipe hydroelectric turbine that also functions as a pressure breaker or pressure valve while producing electricity at high efficiency;(4)and run of river and tidal turbines. Co-operation sought is local representation\ distribution with sales and project-development

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement

Descripción completa

An Israeli renewable energy technology company is at market introduction stage in the products mentioned. The Israeli SME was formed in Israel in 2008, expanded to the US, and now it is interested in entering the European market. It is run by an experienced team of engineers and executives; and has already around 30 patents granted or filed.

Representatives of the Israeli SME will need to put in some work but will be amply rewarded by representing a clearly innovative and unique product. The company is interested in bringing these to market and extending their applications and all kinds of representation are available for discussion. The most successful is likely to be representation in a particular country. That would mean collecting sales orders and getting a commission. Representatives can make projects from small wind, large wind, and underwater turbine products. Distributors can stock the small wind and small underwater lines in addition to selling them. The representation could be flexible in its conditions, and thus open for discussion.

Here are some specifics according to the four technologies mentioned: (1) Small wind turbines: This requires sales to many targets. The main one is commercial rooftops because that enables the turbines to display their cluster effect for the benefit of increased cost-effectiveness. This will require not only sales skills but also installation capability including electrician work, which can be outsourced. Another important factor is access to capital to make large rooftop projects of small turbines and selling the electricity to the customer or the grid instead of selling the turbines.
(2) Large wind turbine product: It is ideal to have wind farm experience because the partner will sell to wind farms, but it is not necessary, because in the first step the partner will obtain basic information that a layman can obtain. The second step, the computer modelling, is done by the Israeli company, which then produces an engineering design for bidding. The partner then takes over the bidding, or manufactures the structure by itself, and installs it, so good project management skills are needed. In some cases, the wind farm may want a lease arrangement, so access to capital is ideal.
(3) Hydro in pipes: The selling process requires a basic engineering background because some understanding of how water systems work is required. Very often, the municipality will want to install the turbine using their own people and equipment, but there will be times when the partner will need to do that, so expertise with water systems, pipes, valves, etc., is important.
(4) Underwater turbines; The main market is utilities, so project management that covers several areas of engineering expertise is a big benefit. The partner should have access to capital in order to make these projects.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: Requirements: (1) A good wind regimen of at least 5 m/s is important for cost-effectiveness. (2) The partner needs to collect some usually available data on the wind farm and the turbine in order to do the computer modeling. (3) A point of excess pressure in the water distribution is needed. (4) A location with water speed 2 meters per second or higher is ideal, but this system produces a few watts at speeds as low as 0.3 m/s.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The ideal partner is a sales representative (commercial agency), and that would include project management because sometimes the way to make a sale is to develop a project oneself, such as a rooftop farm of small wind turbines, or underwater turbines in a group in a major river. That representation could be flexible and take different forms, depending on the will and capacity of the partner.
Here are specific suggestions of the type of partner needed for the technologies noted above: (1) Small wind:There is a need for a company to take it to market in a specific country. That might mean making some initial sales or making an initial demonstration. The kind of representative might well be real estate, construction, engineering firms, because they will have skills in installation and working with real estate. A company in solar PV looking for new but related business could also be good.
(2) Large wind turbine enhancer: The type of partner sought is ideally a company in the wind industry, such as a wind farm or a company that works with wind farms. (Or: a company in manufacturing would also find this interesting because there is a lot of construction involved).
(3) In-pipe hydro: Good representation partners could be any company that already has relationships with a municipal water utility.
(4) Underwater turbines; The ideal partner for large projects is a representative that can develop a project whose electricity can be sold to a large utility. That requires project development expertise and access to financing. In some countries, an agricultural sales company could distribute it to rural areas.

Advantages & innovations:

All the above products are innovative and superior to that of any competitor, if there is one. They are all more cost-effective than the competition. The partner will stand out as representing a unique technology. (1) They start at lower speeds and can enhance each other when placed in a group. (This was shown by measurements that it started at 1.2 m/s versus the standard 3 m/s and in a large spike in output when two were placed side by side at the correct distance.) Good partners might be renewable energy, real estate, or construction companies. (2) The wind deflector also reduces wind stress by creating an area of more uniform wind, according to Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis.This was also validated by a US CFD company under a grant from the Department of Energy. (3) It is higher efficiency than alternatives (measured efficiency for low flows resulting in only 5 kilowatts was 61%) and uniquely controls output pressure. (4) The underwater turbines are at least double the efficiency of those on the market, according to testing by an electric utility in the US and by simulations by US Navy engineers. They can be used for electric utilities, of course. Good marketing targets are makers of sensors on pipelines that require power, because the underwater turbines can produce the same power in less than half the size of competition.

Development Stage:

Field tested/evaluated - (1) The small wind turbine has been made and partially tested. (2) The technology was proven on a small scale and independently validate by a US company under contract from the Department of Energy. (3) The technology was proven in the company’s hydraulics lab and earlier stages of technology were installed successfully as pilots in Israel and the Philippines. (4) The company successfully installed a prototype in a river with a temporary permit.---A partner will have to understand that the products are great but without much market experience.


Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Granted patent or patent application essential,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright - The company and related companies with the same owner have around 30 patents granted or filed in a variety of countries. In some cases, the design is subject to copyright protection.

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