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French manufacturer of injection moulding plastic parts is looking for manufacturing and subcontracting agreements (BOFR20170810002)


Business partnering opportunity 
Created: 28/08/2017
Last updated: 07/09/2017
Fecha límite: 07/09/2018


A French company, specialized in manufacturing of plastic parts by injection moulding, is looking for manufacturing and subcontracting agreements. They have experience from a wide range of industries where precision plastic parts are required. The company can produce plastic parts from many different thermoplastic materials, and provides an integral service throught all the process, from the initial idea to the final product.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Manufacturing agreement Subcontracting

Descripción completa

The small French manufacturer of plastic parts by injection moulding was established in 2009 and covers the whole process, from the initial idea to final production. It includes technical advice regarding design, production of the moulds, modifications or adjustments. The company can also make prototypes according to clients’ own designs.

They have a strong experience in plastic parts for the following sectors: automotive, construction, aerospace, defence, paramedical equipment, home automation, domestic, railway industry, watchmaking, electrical, motorcycle, security and others. They have also provided plastic technical parts to other sectors such as medical, healthcare and agro food.

The machinery park is composed of 9 injection molding machines from 15 to 100 T capable to inject plastic parts from 0.01 grs to 200 grams.

The main activity of this company is the subcontracting and manufacturing plastic parts of all thermoplastic materials such as: PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PA6. PA66 (polyamide), PA11 (polyundecanamide/nylon), PC (polycarbonate), SAN (styrene acrylonitrile), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PSU (polysulfone), LCP (liquid crystal polymer), EPDM (ethylene/propylene/diene rubber), THERMOCOMP (a compound based on acetal copolymer resin containing 30% glass fiber), etc.

It also offers the complete support of plastic parts projects from the specifications, plan, model of piece, as well as sampling, tooling up to PPAP (production part approval process) validation for putting into production.

The workpiece assembly can also be installed at the production site.

The company offers high quality injection moulding subcontracting and manufacturing services to other industrial companies, involved in the mentioned fields, which want to develop reliable and in a long term business partnerships. The future partner could typically be a manufacturing company, requiring a reliable manufacturer of a part or all of its plastic production, for working together under subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners sought are involved in the fields of: construction, watchmaking, home automation, railway industry, aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, electricity, electronics, motocycle. They want to cooperate under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.

Exchange of information beneficial to both parties, and trust in collaboration are required. The future partner could be an industrial or an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The company is offering its service as the subcontractor on design, plastic injection moulding and is looking for long term cooperation with partners that are also interested in manufacturing and subcontracting services.

Advantages & innovations:

High service which includes advice and technical guidance to customers when developing a product: selection of raw materials, new moulds, tool modifications, etc.
• Adjustments after manufacturing such as boring holes, screw holes, insertions, sticking, assembly, marking, etc. can be carried out according to the client's needs.
• High productive capacity which allows manufacturing parts up to 200 cm3 with total precision.
• Additionally, the company counts on machinery with high clamping force (from 15 T to 100 T).
• Flexibility in services.
• Customizing of production.
• Products are manufactured also in small series and in different material versions - modified materials.
• All the advantages of a cooperation with a small company: rapid response to each request from clients. A direct cooperation without intermediaries.

To better meet its customers' requirements, the company has been ISO 9001 certified since the beginning of 2014.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial \ Tecnologías de Materiales \ Industria

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