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Estonian manufacturer of wooden toys is looking for joint venture and distribution agreements. (BOEE20180121002)


Business partnering opportunity OFFER
Created: 21/01/2018
Last updated: 27/03/2018
Fecha límite: 28/03/2019


Estonian manufacturer of educational wooden construction kits is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services agreement and partners for joint venture agreement. The educational construction kits are not plain pieces of wood as they challenge and further creativity, problem-solving, co-ordination, logical thinking and imagination at the same time.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Distribution services agreement Joint venture agreement

Descripción completa

The Estonian SME, located in Southwest-Estonia, is engaged in manufacturing of educational and high-quality wooden construction kits for children.

The toys are designed to encourage children to play creatively – the company’s core value is to help children to develop their imagination and creativity.
The core products of the company are wooden construction kits. The pieces of the kit come in the same shape, but they have six different sizes. The variation in size ensures wide diversity of possible constructions outcomes. When measuring correctly the length and position of different pieces one might built versatile, large and even relatively long-lasting constructions.

The construction kits are designed to the assist the learning process. The construction kits include problem-solving deck-cards, which make building process more engaging, educational and fun. Every card has a written story about a problem. Based on child development adults can expand the presented stories. Cards encompass guiding questions to spark discussion and help to keep focus on the problem. By using the construction pieces children can come up with solutions for the presented problems individually or work in group.

The company produces the toys completely in-house, thereby guaranteeing the product quality and compliance with environmental standards. Also, the company ensures full accordance with EU labour, environmental and health & safety standards.
Every piece of timber used in these kits comes from responsibly harvested and verified sources, which are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. They audit the production processes and certify the use of only approved timber.
The Estonian SME is looking for establishing a joint venture with wooden toy manufactures, who are interested in joint product development and/or interested in moving their production into the same region.
In parallel, the company is searching for distributions, who are supplying potential customers (kindergartens, schools, toy stores, playrooms, etc) with educational toy sets.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The preferred cooperation types are:
- distribution service agreement, the company is looking for distributors, who are interested in enriching their portfolios, and are well connected and supply already kindergartens, schools, toy stores, playrooms, etc.

- join venture agreement, the company is looking for wooden toys manufacturers, who are interested in joint product development and/or consider relocating production facilities to the company’s region.

Advantages & innovations:

Nowadays children are surrounded with technological gadgets and “finished” toys, which set limits to creativity and hinder the development of hands-on skills. The wooden constructors produced by the Estonian SME are especially designed to inspire children to play creatively, use their imagination and enhance hands-on activities.
The construction kits are not just pieces of wood, they challenge and further creativity, co-ordination, logical thinking and imagination at the same time. Hence, the kits are prefect for schools and kindergarteners, where they can be used for joint engaging and educational building sessions. Building together with other children or grown-ups children develop social, cooperation and linguistic skills.
The flexible form and openness to come up with numerous of solutions makes the construction kits suitable for multiple age groups and can be used in educational institutions as well as in home environments.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


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