Finding partner-wineries in the Denominations of Origin Wines from the Region of Murcia (Spain) for the Swedish wine market

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PedrosBodegas AB is a Swedish start-up business in the process of company official registration, whose mission is to introduce in the Swedish wine market the wines produced under the Denomination of Origin Wines from Murcia and Alicante (Spain). 

PedrosBodegas is made-up of two co-owners, one experienced in business development and personal knowledge of Murcia and Alicante regions and their wines, the other co-owner is experienced in Swedish wines and spirits market, as former staff of the Systembolaget, the monopolistic distributor of wines and spirits in Sweden.

Since both entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity to introduce in the Swedish market wines produced in Spain, in particular from Murcia and Alicante regions, they have devised a business plan that will be implemented in three stages:
Short-mid term: promoting and selling wines through HORECA channel.
Mid-long term: web-based sales to end-consumer (e-commerce).
Long term: selling wines DO Alicante and Murcia through Systembolaget.
This business plan can only be achieved if the producers of wines in Alicante and Murcia become a long-term business partners.

SwereaSewcast is the Swedish Enterprise Europe Network partner in the Region of Jönköping where PedrosBodegas is situated. PedrosBodegas requested them to contact COEPA, the Network partner in Alicante in charge of internationalisation and commercial business cooperation, to inform about the business plan and the prospects for meeting in Alicante business partner-wineries.

For the following stage, COEPA got in contact with their consortium colleagues at Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, explaining the projects and needs of Mr. Johansson. Later, on 22nd July, a meeting was held at INFO premises where Mr. Johansson explained their project and how INFO could help to find suitable partners in the Region of Murcia.

Currently INFO is organizing an agenda for Mr. Johansson in order to visit the most relevant wineries in the region of Murcia. The expected date for the meetings will be on the second fortnight of October 2015. It would depend on the availability of the companies in the Region of Murcia for arranging the meeting.




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