Conferencia final del proyecto BIOGAS3

Antoine Kieffer (ACTIA):

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BIOGAS3 project has been working on promotion of the production of renewable energy from biogas obtained thanks to the fermentation of agro food industries organic waste at small scale, while Bioenergy Farm 2 project has been focused on micro-scale digestion in farms.

This BIOGAS3 Final Conference, in collaboration with Bioenergy Farm 2 project, is addressed specially to agro-food industries, policy makers, representatives of financial institutions, biogas plant providers, agro food industries associations and waste management companies, among others.

The main topics that will be discussed are:

  • Results of BIOGAS3 and Bioenergy Farm 2 project.
  • Opportunities and barriers in Practice for small-scale in EU countries, example of Belgium
  • Perspectives of small scale biogas plants development on EU countries
  • How the Intelligent Energy Europe programme has supported biogas uptake in the EU
  • Bioenergy policy perspectives at EU level



Desde Feb 09, 2016
Hasta Feb 09, 2016