Brokerage event : e-Health Connection

Elena Cortés

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Come to Castres / Midi-Pyrénées and join the e-Health Connection business convention that will bring together key actors, skateholders and decision makers in the health and social sectors.

An opportunity for you to meet, find and share skillness in e-heath!

Enterprise Europe Network and Castres-Mazamet Technopole CEEI, with their partners Centre e-santé and CCI Midi-Pyrénées, invite you to “e-health Connection” business convention.

Gain new opportunities and competitive advantages through technical and R&D cooperations. Attending this event will give you easy access to enterprises in the field of health, ICT and social. Come to this event and find e-health solutions!

- Latest trends in uses, technologies and researches on the use of Information Communication Technology in healthcare and autonomy.
- Get to know key players offering services to companies
- Get your problem solved - Matching organizations offering or seeking solutions

Main topics
- m-health: mobile applications, mobile telemedicine
- Navigation, Positioning and Telecommunications
- Telemedicine: Teleconsultation, teleexpertise, telesurveillance and teleassistance
- Autonomy and home-care: Home automation, geolocation, fall detectors...
- Embedded Systems
- Robotics in health: surgical help, home assistance, …
- Interoperability
- Social networks: Internet portals/spaces dedicated to the collection of information, discussions and sharing of knowledge between patients/families/caregivers/healthcare providers and professionals…



Desde Jul 02, 2014
Hasta Jul 04, 2014
Esta jornada está cofinanciada por la Enterprise Europe Network