AAL FORUM 2015 - Matchmaking Event

Elena Cortés elena.cortes@redit.es

Tipo: Exposición  Brokerage event

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This matchmaking event will enable bringing together companies, deployers, investors, corporations, researchers, … to seize the opportunities and build (technological and/or commercial) collaboration across the borders. By participating in this b2b networking you will get access to the latest technologies and new business channels only by creating an online profile to select your face-2-face meetings. It gives you the opportunity to have bilateral meetings with the other participants: a private meeting where you can discuss your project idea, request, offer and know how with a potential partner.

Registration for the AAL Forum 2015 is mandatory to take part in this matchmaking event. For more information about the registration fee please visit: www.aalforum.eu


Desde Sep 22, 2015
Hasta Sep 25, 2015
Esta jornada está cofinanciada por la Enterprise Europe Network