Consulta sobre el marco normativo y administrativo de las empresas turísticas, administraciones públicas y otros agentes del turismo en la UE: identificar iniciativas y buenas prácticas. Su opinión es importante. Cumplimente la encuesta adjunta

Tipo: Closed consultation results
Closing Date: 2014-03-15

The objective of this public consultation is to identify all the EU, national, regional and local policy initiatives (legislative or not) and administrative practices, where there may still be scope for further reducing the burden for SMEs, and in particular for micro businesses, as well as for EU tourism destinations, public administrations and tourists visiting EU Member States from within or outside Europe.

The Commission would also like to obtain the views of a wide circle of public and private stakeholders and individuals on possible good practices and initiatives that may be taken as an example of bringing positive impact on those affected by them.

For more information, please refer to the background document.