Consulta pública sobre el turismo europeo: identificar los principales desafíos y oportunidades para la industria europea del turismo. Colabore con su opinión. Cuestionario abierto

Tipo: Closed consultation results

Objectives of the consultation

Tourism is the 3rd largest economic sector in the EU after trade & distribution and construction. Despite increasing competition, the EU managed so far to remain the world's n°1 tourist destination. Its tourism industry however is confronted with various changes in the EU and the rest of the world - see description in downloadable file below. These (will) have a major impact on the structure of the tourism sector and its activities.

The main objectives of this consultation are twofold: better identify the key challenges and opportunities for the European tourism industry; help revising, if necessary, the Action Plan for the sector adopted by the European Commission in 2010 (COM(2010)352). The European Commission is organising in parallel another consultation on ways to further reduce the regulatory and administrative burden on the sector, tourism-related public administrations and other tourism stakeholders in the EU.

Target groups

The consultation is mainly targeting tourism-related businesses, business associations, trade unions, public authorities at all levels, as well as (members of) academic institution, think tanks and NGOs.