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Seeking manufacturers of fire and acoustic doors for internal use (BRUK20150217001)
Business partnering opportunity 
Created: 17/02/2015
Last updated: 08/04/2015
Fecha límite: 07/04/2016

A UK designer and manufacturer of fire and acoustic doorsets is ideally seeking an ISO9001-accredited, EU-based supplier capable of manufacturing fairly large batch orders of doors that comply with EU fire and acoustic standards.

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A UK design and manufacturing company of doorsets is seeking an EU-based supplier of doors.

A doorset or (door set) is a pre-assembled door in its frame with seals, lock, glass, handles, etc. already fitted.

The company has built a strong reputation for supplying high quality doorsets which fully comply with UK fire and acoustic standards. The company has also created a competitive advantage through the development of a quick and flexible fixing system allowing very fast on-site installation of doors and doorframes.

The company has its own design and manufacturing premises and operates to ISO 9001. Although the company would prefer to work with door manufacturing partners that can already produce products that comply with UK fire and acoustic standards and that already have ISO9001 accreditation, it is willing to work with potential suppliers of doors who are willing to work towards achieving the necessary industry accreditations.

The company currently supplies doorsets for schools, hotels, government buildings, university buildings and student accommodation. All of these types of buildings typically have many doors in them, therefore ideal partners will have the financial, production and finished goods capacity to be able to cope with orders for fairly large numbers of doors.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: Established manufacturer of doors.
Preferably already holding ISO9001 accreditation and able to manufacture doorsets that fully comply with UK fire and acoustic standards.
Able to cope with orders for fairly large numbers of doors.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Established manufacturer of doors (as described) who is interested in a manufacturing agreement to manufacture and supply doorsets for the company to an agreed specification.

Advantages & innovations:

Design and manufacture of fully finished doorsets compliant to UK fire standards.

Incorporates a quick fix system allowing installation in less than 20 minutes with easy adjustments to suit modular / pod construction on site.

Company targets contracts for large quantities of doors, so orders received by a manufacturing partner will typically be of substantial value.

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