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Distribution offered for producers from metal processing sector (BRPL20140522001)
Business partnering opportunity 
Created: 22/05/2014
Last updated: 24/11/2015
Fecha límite: 23/11/2016

A Polish company specialized in the production of locks, hinges and other metal products for power, telecommunication and furniture industries is interested in becoming a distributor of the similar products.

Descripción completa

A manufacturer of locks, hinges, screw clams, handles from Poland is looking for producers of similar products.
The company specializes also in the following technological processes:
- ZAMAK die-casting on hot chamber machines,
- plastic materials processing,
- machine cutting on high technology CNC machines,
- laser cutting, press brakes, welding,
- powder painting.

The company owns tooling department with technical office, which creates moulds for die-casting, plastic materials, tools for metal pressing, etc.
The company is offering to be distributor of partner's products if the branch is similar.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner sought could be a producer or supplier of locks, hinges and/or various metal products. The partner should be willing to introduce its products to the Polish market and supply the Polish company regularly.
Distribution agreement is offered.

Clasificado como: Tecnologías de Materiales \ Manufactura Industrial \ Industria

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