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Empresa brasileña busca socios en la UE para transferencia de tecnología y desarrollo de suelos y pavimentos innovadores (BRBR20141106001)
A Brazilian company specialized in floors and pavements seeks partnership for technology transfer in the construction field. The company works with innovations concerning the use of structural synthetic fibers in concrete pavements. Among its main projects can be highlighted the development of flexible cementitious paste for consolidation of oil wells and structural drainable pavement for urban highways.
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Created: 20/08/2015
Last updated: 26/10/2016
Fecha límite: 30/04/2017

Una empresa brasileña especializada en suelos y pavimentos busca acuerdos de transferencia de tecnología en el sector de la construcción. La empresa innova en el uso de fibras sintéticas estructurales y pavimentos de cemento. Entre sus principales proyectos cabe destacar el desarrollo de pastas de cemento flexible para la consolidación de pozos petrolíferos y pavimentos drenables de autovías urbanas.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Financial agreement
Descripción completa

Company of the construction industry, founded in 1995 in the city of Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil, with over 5,200,000.00 m² of floors and pavements performed. The company has a wide range of products and customer segments in its portfolio and participates in some supporting programs for the development of innovative projects, also currently seeking to deploy an internal Research and Development unit.

Recognized by the quality of its service and its know-how, was added the 2014 World Cup project to its portfolio. The successful operations in sport arenas such as the Arena Fonte Nova (Bahia) and the Arena Pernambuco confirmed and relocated Enspiso as a market leader.

With the influence of globalization, the company recently started operating Foreign Investments as a new business opportunity, while participating in international fairs in Spain and Panama (Expo Comer, Capac Expo 2013). In 2013, started operating at the Arena Sauipe, in addition to the execution of services in Petrobras new Headquarter in Itaigara.

Nowadays, the company is looking for to establish partnerships with EU partners in order to develop and improve new technologies in the flooring segment, with fiber reinforced concrete pavements. ´polymers technology in structural concrete, concrete additives or chemical soil stabilization of subbase.

The main projects, included: concrete pavements with structural synthetic fibers (structural solution that partially replaces steel with structural synthetic fibers used in concrete for floors and shallow foundations); flexible cementitious paste to concrete oil wells (development of a flexible cementitious paste with greater elongation capacity, which allows benefits such as reduction of cracks, for consolidation of oil wells); Structural drainable pavement (structural solution for structural drainable pavement for use in high-traffic urban roads, contemplating concepts of clean production, thermal and acoustic comfort, greater road safety and no contamination of soil and groundwater, enabling large-scale use).

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: The partner sought must have knowledge of construction techniques that explore the use of synthetic fibers and polymers technology in structural concrete, concrete additives or chemical soil stabilization of subbase. Furthermore, the partners should be researchers of innovative technologies and solutions regarding the areas of acoustic treatment and water reuse.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company seeks Partnership for Reciprocal production and Services Agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

- Partial replacement of steel, eliminating steps of sub-floor in shallow foundations.
- Rigid concrete pavement with drainage capacity due to high permeability, which allows the capture and reuse of water;
- Possibility of use in heavy traffic roads of urban areas.
- Low consumption of steel;
- Easy logistics, transport and storage, by using a lighter input that occupies less space;
- Higher safety of employees while performing of services;
- Possibility of cleaner production;
- Sustainability of construction;
- Low CO2 emissions;
- Lower consumption of water and energy;
- Decrease of pathologies that may compromise the structure’s durability.
- Flexible cementitious paste to concrete oil wells:
- Less rigid concrete pipe;
- Bigger elongation of the cement structure.
- Reduction of cracks and increase of durability.
- Structural Drainable pavement:
- Mitigation of urban flooding and hydroplaning;
- Road safety;
- No contamination of soil and groundwater;
- Lower noise on highways;
- Bigger durability of road’s pavement;
- Thermal comfort with the mitigation of heat islands.

Development Stage:

Project already started - There is a partnership with the International Business Center (CIN) of the Federation of Industries of Bahia (FIEB) aiming to internationalize the services offered by the company, furthermore we have partnerships to develop projects with the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia (FAPESB) with the Integrated Manufacturing and Technology Campus of the National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI-CIMATEC) and the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises of Bahia (SEBRAE).


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